I'm not sure if this a Kink or a Problem and I need advice.

I made a confession - over on the respective subreddit - that I sometimes like to get off looking at and thinking about younger girls. Over there, a couple of people got involved in the conversation, although no one could help me finding an answer to the question if this is just a kink or something I should be worried about.I have always had a thing for younger girls and the minimum age a girl had to be for me to become interested in her, has proportionally increased with my own age. Sometimes it's girls at least 12 years old, but usually they have to be 14 and older.You can trust me when I tell you, that despite also having thing for teenagers IRL, I will never harm a minor because I know it's really bad and rightfully illegal. I know this, because of the fact, that I had the chance to do so on two separate occasions and consciously decided against it.I now come to you to help me find out if this is (one might call it) "virgophilia", or "juvenophilia", or if this is just a kink. Why do I think it might be a kink? Other kinks of mine include being able to jerk to a good dick, guro-hentai or zoophilia while horny, but feeling terrible for doing so immediately afterwards, because I just came to something I don't enjoy when not horny. The same happens when looking at young girls.So, if you have any further questions feel free to ask. I look forward to your ideas to help me get to the bottom of this. via /r/Advice https://ift.tt/2B97g5g

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