I’m too sick to sleep

I’m at that weird level of sickness where I’ll have a stuffy nose depending on my body posture, a fucked throat and I keep getting that weird feeling in my stomach sort of like I have to vomit but I also don’t if that makes any sense, my breathing is all fucked up too because of that weird feeling so taking deep breaths is hard my body temperature is also fucked because it’s like 54 degrees in my cold ass house but I feel like I’m some how both hot and cold at the same time, I also just spent like 4 hours watching into the rabbit hole videos whilst expanding my hentai collection and I now have a really fucking weird feeling that I can’t express or even comprehend myself but it’s really fucking with me...please help it’s not even a terrible cold either but last year when this happened it only got worse and I have school all week so that’s just great via /r/teenagers https://ift.tt/2FVWDIK

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