Indian govt is snooping and creeping on ya'll REEEEEEEE

ok lets get to the "source" of the information which started all this REEEEEing.which is this image : : 20th Dec 2018.section 69 (nyc nummba) of IT act : : 17 October 2000with this law the govt has the right to intercept, monitor or decrypt or cause to be intercepted or monitored or decrypted any information generated, transmitted, received or stored in any computer resource.whom will these laws apply to ? to terrorists and people who break indian law.this law was shitton of years ago . imagine the technology back then .Procedure and safeguard.. blah blah: : 2009here also they same the same BS.. just take a quick scrollnow overall can the govt monitor u?ans is not reallygovt can definitely monitor ur calls , sms and normal internet traffic.BUT it cannot see the internet services which use end to end encryption .pretty much nobody can see it except the service provider themselves , plus provided the benefit that you disclose your private key( that is password).who uses this tech : whatsapp, google, apple, etc . pretty much for the govt to know your information it muct first force u spit out your password. if u fail to do so, you'll be sent to jail. then once the govt gets the password it asks the service provider . here lets take example of google. they clearly state that unless your a terrorist or something they wont giveaway ur info. they also take a look at how much of a big deal this info is. indian govt cannot just go to google and say them to give the data of all the 250mil+ indian users info. this is not possible.they even show us how many times the govt has requested for info through transparency reports. these transparency reports are published by pretty much all major tech giants.faq on user info : report on indian users : a merely thousands among millions of users. once again here also only half the requests have been fulfilled.the same applies to " major_x_company user info transparency report "this website shows visually how each law applies to each country. : India is not there in the "14 eyes " thingy : even bother.i would go further .. but myself typing all this in smartphone. so no no .even if you don't want the scary corrupt indian govt to snoop u then , visit and follow the;dr : everything is encrypted , unless ur a fucking filthy disgusting terrorist nobody gives a fuck about ur hentai fetish . via /r/IndiaSpeaks

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