insecure shits

you all suck, just some insecure shits in a server with a lot of members sitting on their asshole waiting for a chance to grind some attention, trying to get the kruspy shit to friend you, because as he says he only friends the cool kids, trying to do anything funny just to grind some of the fine fame you always wanted, let me tell you, you all are not going to gain shit if you stay on your dirty filthy ass all day, having the food delievered right to where you are sitting just to get more fatter while sitting watching hentai 4k megaporn, you don't realize how much you are fucking lazy and fat except when you actually meet new irl people, which rarly happens thanks to your addiction to the pc you got, you always look to the down side of things, spelling mistakes, someone that is new here, just so you can make fun of it and get more fame, get our as ready for the future, because trust me when you grow up, the food will no longer be delievered up your ass, be thankfull to your mom and dad before they are gone and you actually have to carry your ass a little via /r/copypasta

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