is my boyfriend not attracted to me anymore?

so a couple weeks ago my boyfriend went to show me a picture on his phone and when he opened his gallery, there were tons of naked women? not anyone we knew, just like the classic naked girls on tumblr or screenshots from porn and videos. and lots of hentai. this made me feel super insecure. i talked to him about it and he just blamed it on his porn addiction. anyway, when we have sex, he almost can never finish, it always takes hours for him to even get close. more recently he’s gotten soft while in me. he blamed being desensitized by masturbating since he was younger too much and said it wasn’t my fault. is he not attracted to me? is it weird that i’m really hurt by him masturbating to other women (anime women too!) and him not being able to finish with me? (this has been going on for months and i’ve tried everything to spice up our sex life and make it as enjoyable for him, nothings working) please help via /r/relationship_advice

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