It’s officially time for me to cut the shit.

I’ve tried nofap before for shits and giggles but always relapsed, never taking it seriously. But this time my PMO needs to stop. I lost my virginity last night and I didn’t feel shit. And no, the condom wasn’t one of those janky stamina-issue ones (/r/tifu anyone?) I had trouble getting hard and after a while I had to fake an orgasm because I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the girl, but I think the prime reason is because I’ve become so accustomed to orgasming watching some wacky hentai shit, or some unrealistic fantasy video on pornhub, and the thought has really kicked in that things need to change. I don’t intend or expect on having intercourse with the same girl anytime soon, but it doesn’t matter. I need to cut the shit. via /r/NoFap

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