Just binged all 9 available episodes in one morning.

Hey there people! I am subscribed to the r/Kaede subreddit, because she seems like a cute and adorable character to me. This is how I can acquainted with the show, I wanted to understand the memes and the references, so I decided to see if it’s on Crunchyroll.To my surprise and satisfaction, it was.I was deeply disappointed by the name and the title picture, thinking it was going to be some perverted echi softcore hentai, and was really hesitant to start watching the series. After all, was I willing to watch some porn in order to understand some memes?Worst case scenario, I thought, my bathroom is just two steps away, so I clicked on the first episode.What followed was one of the most emotional and adorable love stories that I have ever seen. I was crying the most manly tears of sadness, joy, and everything in between. And it had only been three episodes.Then I watched the rest, and loved it all the same. Most characters I saw, I could relate to in some way. The clever representation of teenager mental instabilities as hyperboles of abnormal kind made me engage in thoughtful dialogue with myself over it. The flavor of the show, being very light hearted, but also serious at times, made me feel like I was vicariously living through it all, along with the main characters.It felt so good to be cheering them on, suffering with them, and worrying with them. It had easily been one of the best shows I have ever watched, and one of the best morning things I could have done on a Saturday, laying in bed.The recent cliffhanger makes me eager for the next episode Wednesday, and also makes me hope that they do not abandon the series and continue writing the light novel, which I can read in case the anime doesn’t continue/making the anime that I fell in love with today.Thank you for reading everyone, I just wanted to get this off my chest to people who will be able to understand, as I do not have many people around me who can relate to such things.:) via /r/SeishunButaYarou https://ift.tt/2KOqXno

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