Just a little trick for views

I'm gonna tell u a little secret to get views (if u dont know) when ur channel is new.Description and Tags , have u heard of them ?They are really important besides Title , specially description.Youtube algorithms scans the first few lines of ur description and it categorize and suggests on basis of that.So if ur first few lines of description must contains lots of hot keys .For example if ur Video is an anime vine/clip and Title is "Hentai"Try writing "Uncensored hentai Porn bobs sexy Japanese girls anime waifus Japan ticklish Sensei"It doesn't have to make sense , and see ur views rising up. if u do it correctly u will get 1k views daily ,less or more depending upon hot key.But don't use over used hot keys , u have to be creative. Everyone writes Fortnite in their description , it won't get u views , try different hot keys.For ur title , search what words are trending currently via /r/NewTubers https://ift.tt/2BQAZ4A

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