Kurt Eichenwald

This man is such a god I want to hear what he has to say. If you don't know he is a journalist that has had a lot of unfortunate stuff happen to him, mostly of his own fault that were blown up by other media outlets. Most notably (and famously) he posted a screenshot on twitter with hardcore hentai in the other tab he forgot to close out. Instead of just saying "well, we're all human" like I think he should have (to be fair it is harder to do that as a public figure) he said that him and his family were trying to find tentacle porn together. This is despite the fact that the pornographic book in the other tab had no tentacle porn in it. He's had a lot more things happen, and it's all quite amusing. I just really want to hear his take on it. via /r/IAmARequests https://ift.tt/2BSI58R

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