M 22 Looking for Online friends. Be warned I am a geek, bi, pizza lover and have way too much time on my hands..

Hi there, I am a poly, geeky, silky, pansexual dude who is in a new town somewhere in the PNW and hasn’t really made any friends I can be myself around.I don’t care what you look like, where you come from, what you believe in, what gender, race and age you are. Be 18 and up please. I just want someone online I can call a friend. An odd place to look I know but I believe people here are more openminded, fun and kind.Most of my friends are from my old state, in school and you know how that goes. So outside of gigs I have a bunch of free time as of late and would like to talk to someone though out the day. We can talk about more then just perverted stuff. I want a friend that I can share hentai with and memes too!I miss having a true friend ya know? Like the ones I use to have in high school. A friend I can laugh and be silly with. A friend I can talk to about my odd fetishes and turn ons. Someone I can talk to about video games and shows. A friend I can talk to when I am feeling down. A friend who can talk to me about anything and I will listen. A friend who needs someone to talk to. Someone who I can talk to via voice once we are both comfortable with it. Someone I can maybe game with or talk about films. Just an open fun, geeky person who would like to have someone to talk to :3My limits when it comes to sharing is: scat, gore and death. Im cool with everything else.My big kinks are BDSM, femdom, tickling, footplay, incest roleplay, public sex, creampies, humiliation on others, oral on guys and so much more.. via /r/MakeNewFriendsHere https://ift.tt/2KZjUYX

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