Oh yeah this reminds me of this one time, a couple of years ago. I was gettin into bed, and I mean ya know how it is. I’m just an average 14 year old girl with a giant monster dong for fuckin fellow traps, gotta get relief sometime. So i pull up my favorite video, a bowsette hentai, and well I just went smackin. Day as usual. So I was just watching Mario get fucked by an 17 inch reptile dong when the strangest thing happened, a crown appears right next to me. Now at this point cum was already shooting out of my asshole, but I might as well see if it improves the finisher. So I put the thing on and my arms start getting buff as fuck. I immediately grow a beard, my hair turns black, and all the vaccines I’ve ever gotten in the past 14 years immediately shoot out of my body. And then ya see my penis shoots back into my own body, and transforms into a 6 inch wide gaping vagina. So again, business as usual for the most part, aside from the slight transformation. Now at this point I’m a 7 feet tall chad as they say, ready to have another anal fuck n cuck session with my fellow trendies. Now cum is still spilling out of my tight little asshole, a bit longer than usual. But then another weird thing happens, my buddy Will Smith bursts through the door. “Smith?” I let out. Without saying a word, he hops onto my bed and spreads out his shit covered cheeks. Well no words have to be spoken, it was rewind time. Although the problem now was I had to dick, so something else had to be used. But then I had a pretty good idea. My dick was basically the size of my entire body now, so my body would make a pretty good substitute. Now I’m not a cissy who needs lube, so I start workin my way in there. I’m about three feet in face first when oh fuck, he farts. Now at this point I’m freaking out here, it took me an hour to get this far and I was about to be shot out faster than a buttplug in a 40 year old woman. Well I know what I need to do, I open my mouth wide and swallow it up. My mouth is immediately filled with willy gas, and I become bloated like a ballon. Great orgasm right then, but I had to go deeper. I started workin my way in more, and will Smith is moanin quite a bit. Finally I’m inside of him. Oh my god it was great, a full bloated reverse vore. Well I kind forget what happened next, but I woke up the next morning with nothing but a Will Smith tattoo on my asshole to show for it. All in all a pretty normal Tuesday.​Credit: boppin-time-420 via /r/copypasta

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