Men rabidly defending pornography - really a bizarre way of thinking (Followup to my "While we're a it can we purge the Gonewilds subs too?" post)

So sadly before I could post more in my "Purging the Gonewilds" thread, it got locked because of the brigading. That is was brigaded is understandable, because babies cry when they fear you take away their toy.​What's more troubling is the kind of reaction the thread got. I didn't expect this amount of brigading. But you can see it on Can we purge the Gonewilds subs on Removeddit . Dear Mods I'm sorry for giving you so much work!​Well anyways this ties into another thing I find pretty annoying in the Internet, is that you post your opinion and if someone perceives it may negatively affects them, they will start insulting you.​They have called me a femcel. They called me a "heffer" (I had to google it: A heifer is a young female cow that has not produced offspring). How do they know? They don't.​I think it is projecting. I'm not at the computer jacking it 24/7. I rarely post on reddit. I didn't even get to post in my thread because it was so busy at work. I don't have issues having relationships with other people.​As soon as those guys see that their precious porn could be taken away from them they start raging. Like, it could be healthier. Like if they said: "Ok I enjoy porn, but if it went away, I'll find something else to do". Or the healtiest: "I never watch porn".​I think that's pretty moderate for average people who are not deep down in the hole yet. I don't like the first one, but it's healthier than what we have. I'd settle for this, for now. Baby steps.​But no! We have to have the extreme overreactions! I don't really understand what drives people to try and protect "pornography" as a concept. It's alien to me. Even videogames, something I personally enjoy. They stop making games? I'll just replace it with something else. My time is better spent on building a better life for myself, than trying to fight for a toy.​It's really bizarre the length people will go to justify the garbage they enjoy. The problem is when your enjoyment of something comes directly from abusing women, or viewing the abuse of. That's sick.​You can see it in the "NPC meme." The things I write here... none of it can be called rehashed content or arguments. These are all my own observations I made over the 18 years I've been toying with the fascinating world of the Internet. And yet, they themselves keep rehashing the same arguments about porn, conservative politics, thots, housewives, "game", PUA bullshit, etc...​We're talking about people with hundreds of posts on Reddit & most likely other online communities, glued to their screen 24/7, who will immediatly pick up a thread by little ol' me within hours of its initial posting and try to attack it.​Who do they think they are fooling? Let me tell you, in a few years, there'll be a big crash. Those internet addicts are gonna be publicly exposed as the useless basement dwellers they are.​How dare I suggest we take away pornography? And then cue the endless rehashed arguments about free speech, the right to consume whatever "drugs" they want, to do what they want, even at the detriment of society and other people. That's sick.​The simple reflex of starting to type a message defending pornography, shows you have a problem.Trying to hide your true desire behind "free speech" or "slippery slope" or "risk of making a marxism/authoritarian society" or "taking away freedoms to control people" is pitiable. Own up to your addiction. Say you want porn because you feel like shit if you don't have it.​There were 2 comments that, while the posters are lost little lambs that should be pitied, I think we can get a good lesson and a good laugh out of them. I would like to share my thoughts with you.​There is not a damn thing wrong with being proud of how attractive you are nor is there any shame in getting off on the attraction you generation.​Yes, there is. One's worth as an individual should not depend on the validation from other people, but on one's own accomplishments and growth into a better person every day. Who judges attractiveness? Other people, systematically.​But of course, people who defend porn online don't have much in the way of accomplishments. It is also society that dictates one's worth depends on the value other people put on them. But that's bullshit (coated in gling) to make people more dependant.​It is one thing to enjoy being attractive, and falling in love and finding other people attractive.It is another to derive a good chunk if not all your self worth from the comments of porn-addicted men on the Internet jacking off to you. Men they wouldn't touch with a rusty stick should they meet in real life.​Of course I'm jerking off, I'm 16. you on the other hand is jealous that attractive women get attention and you don't. And isn't femism supposed to accept women and their choice of how they want to show their bodies?​Children coming to try teaching 30 years old adults lessons. Of course. Of course. You've got it all figured out kiddo.Also, don't say you're jerking off. That's for your private time. ;)​----Also there was this thread in drama made in response to my thread asking for arguments against porn that I just noticed I was quoted in (I check my inbox once a year!)​I think this is quite funny:You know whats more pathetic than jacking it to hentai? Writing a fucking essay about itOf course sweetheart. Reflecting and thinking about society is more pathetic than jacking off to Hentai. Sure. via /r/GenderCritical

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