More R6 "memes" from the Mainland Chinese community you may find interesting

This is an extension of this previous post about operator nicknames in the Mainland Chinese Community. Censorship or not, no one can stop the Chinese memes... The following are some of the popular ones within the Chinese community.I have excluded some common worldwide R6 memes such as lord Tachanka or Nerf-Beard or Headless Ash or Professional Hostage Rescuer Fuze etc.美团外卖 | Mei Tuan Wai Mai (Mei Tuan Takeaway)This is a food delivery company famous for the employees' yellow uniform and scooters. Basically 100% match with Lion.章鱼妹 | Zhang Yu Mei (Octopus Girl)Tentacle Hentai Nickname for Alibi.绿帽新进 | Lu Mao Xin Jin (Green hat recruit)In China, you should NEVER put on a green hat, because it implies that your wife got slept with someone else! However, during a full-team M870 recruit rush, 1 unlucky fella will be assigned the green hat recruit icon inevitably...玄学爆头 | Xuan Xue Bao Tou (Metaphysics headshots)Because of the weapon sight misalignment, sometimes you can headshot an enemy magically even if you are not aiming for the head. In fact, the harder you try aiming, the fewer headshots you get. Therefore, don't overthink. Chinese players leave their fate to the mysterious force of nature in the universe. When the time comes, headshots shall be given.加拿大自爆兵 | Jia Na Da Zi Bao Bing (Canadian Suicide Bomber)The life of the Buck mains. Have you tried throwing a grenade through a drone hole? You wanted to aim better so you proned. And then you regretted making that decision. Buck mains will understand.别人家的C4 | Bie Ren Jia De C4 (The Other guy's C4)The action of winning by eliminating the whole enemy team with 1 nitro cell. We all have seen some other guy did it. But somehow you never get the privilege to execute this. It's always that other guy, just not you. Don't be salty about it.X战警 | X Zhan Jing (X-Men)If you spam the X button to scan the enemy in order to get the +10 points, and end up wasting your teammates' drones or Valkyrie cams, congratulations! You are now officially an X-Men! (and an asshole!)修脚 | Xiu Jiao (Trimming the legs)The action of downing a low hp teammate by shooting his foot, in order to reset him to 50 hp. Usually end up trimming too much because you switched to your PMM...跃迁装置 | Yue Qian Zhuang Zhi (Teleportation device)Due to some client-side visual bugs, sometimes a player can perform uncontrolled teleportation when placing a claymore or a breaching charge. This is commonly known as "teleportation device deployed!"献祭队友赢得胜利 | Xian Ji Dui You Ying De Sheng Li (Sacrifice a teammate to gain victory)The action of winning the round by killing the last enemy, but also TK a teammate in the process. You can then switch to a Yu-Gi-Oh voice: "I hereby sacrifice my teammate to summon my victory!"C8延长2.5 | C8 Yan Chang 2.5 (C8, extended barrel, 2.5 ACOG)Buck's rifle C8 used to have ridiculous recoil, so much so that you can always perfectly headshot the enemy who was standing next to the one you were actually aiming at. Legend states that, to become a real man, you must try to use the C8 with extended barrel and 2.5 ACOG.白裤裆寒冬一击 | Bai Ku Dong Han Dong Yi Ji (White Trousers Crotch Cold Winter One Hit)This does not make any sense at all. It just sounds a lot like the voice line when Vigil uses his ability and says 말보단 행동이지(action speaks louder than words). In the English community, it is referred as "Bible down hang Luigi".红裤裆痛得一逼 | Hong Ku Dong Tong De Yi Bi (Red Trousers Crotch Hurt So F**king Much!)This does make sense. It refers to poor Jager in the outbreak mission, in which his crotch got bitten by zombies and blood stained all over his trousers. It is an Operation Chimera meme developed from an Operation White Noise meme.Sorry for the long post. I just wish to share some wicked gags from my gaming community. If you can read Chinese, you can find more R6 memes from this page. Hope you guys enjoy. via /r/Rainbow6

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