My experience with RDO so far.

I usually don't play many online games, at least alone. I planned on playing with a buddy, but was grinding a bit before they were able to jump on. I started a wagon delivery job, easy enough (I thought). I proceed to the drop off, when about halfway there I hear, through game chat, "Hey, we got one moving. All alone. Let's move boys." Fuck. I change my course, and attempt to set up an ambush in a grove of trees. I see 3 advance on the road, and search around the caravan, talking to each other (I'm crouched behind a rock nearby). Suddenly, a 4th member approaches from my flank (I was so worried about the 3, the 4th got the jump on me)."Do not move! There's 4 of us, 1 of you. We are not here to kill. Just walk away."At this point, the other members are aware of my presence, and send another member to cover me, while 1 take my wagon. They continue to tell me to remain calm, don't be stupid.I then proceed to be stupid, and attempt to kill the ones near me, unsuccessfully. I am mercilessly killed, over and over as I attempt to retrieve my wagon. More players come and also attempt to thwart this gangs plan, but to no avail.FFW about 20 min, I've given up on them and am out hunting, when I notice a cluster of players near me, in a fort. It's them, the infamous Hentai Gang (from what I overheard). And I decide, if you can't beat em, join em. I approach the fort with my deer hide, waving. They are scrambling to set up a defensive position, calling orders to each other and me (all this still through game chat, I do not have a mic in). I approach the front doors, and lay down my hide, wave, and retreat a few feet back."It's that guy from the wagon robbery! I think he's giving us a peace offering!?"At this point, another player rides up to the fort, dismounts, steps in front of me and approaches the door. He begins to taunt them, flip them the bird (also no mic?) and behaves more and more aggressively. He draws his pistol, and aims at the fort. I draw mine, and aim at his head. A shot rings out, and his body falls limp at the door. Respect the Hentai Gang.If you can't beat em, join em. via /r/reddeadredemption

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