My review of a manga named Utakata Dialogue

Recently I came across a manga by @Kaoru_Inai named Utakata Dialogue. This is a nice and quirky manga about two young people Utagawa and Katano getting to know each other. There isn't a big romance or giant robots.Nobody is turning Super Sayian or winning a big championship.There isn't any sexually suggestive themes or hentai situations. It's just a nice little manga of two kids bonding over a part time job at a drug store and thier love of food but with a slight sense of a budding romance. So if you like Slice of life manga I highly recommend checking this manga out. Keep in mind there only four chapters translated for this title.The group who translates this manga doesn't update it often due to a lack of translators and there is no official English translation of this manga So give this little gem a try I'm sure you won't regret it. via /r/manga

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