My Top 7 Organizations in One Piece

Hello!! It's Me again. So recently I've read One piece, And there's no going Back for me now. I had written a post about My rankings of my most favorite arcs recently, and although not all were satisfied about my opinions, I loved reading about your comments and insights about the series as fellow fans.But I failed to talk much about other stuffs I really liked about the series like my favorite characters, species, devil fruits, antagonists, and the likes as I felt that it would be too long. But I felt like those topics are just already too tired and discussed to hell in this sub.So for today I would like to talk about one of the linchpins and one of the reasons why I think One Piece is so GOOD; The Organizations.One thing about one piece; The organizations are structured and written really WELL. They are not just one time-One deal type of thing, ( Well, Most of the time.) But rather, they are meticulously interwoven to the series' arcs, backgrounds, and character developments, that they managed to be omnipresent without being in the face.And as such, This is my list of the Top 7 Organizations in One Piece.My Guidelines:- I didn't include Species/Races as I planned on doing a separate list later on. (If y'all like that?)- I didn't include Pirate crews to maintain consistency and fairness, because lets be real, strawhats will be immediately number 1.- I didn't include ambiguous and broad organizations like "bounty hunters" and the "Marines" or "Pirates" in general because That sounds stupid.- It's only seven because they are the only organization who really caught my attention.​Anyway lets begin:​​7. Germa 66- One Piece's ambiance is a mix of surreality and vintage nostalgia ( did I described it right? ) So they operate in a pretty much, a primitive world.But I must say that the introduction of technology in the series worried me quite a bit, because I thought it would ruin the dynamics and the overall "feel" of the series like it did with the avatar series. ( Korra just doesn't have the "Magic" the first avatar show did. Mainly because bending used to play a more vital role in the everyday life of the people, and is now stolen by the steampunk. Still a good show. Sorry I'm rambling.)But Oda being Oda ( I feel like I'm overpraising him too much, but then again, This is the one piece sub.) He managed to assimilate technological innovations into the story without stepping on the series' general aesthetic.Franky being a cyborg, Vegapunk's innovations, Caesar Clowns Experiments, The SMILE, all felt natural and essential to the series and fits the story like a glove. Technology is just a side concept, It's not really a focal point of the series, it might be useful later on and might be brought up every now and then, but we will not focus on it that much. BRILLIANT.But Technology being in the forefront of the series is a nice change, especially since Germa 66 did a good job in showcasing how technology could be a very deadly force in the series.This org is basically made up of artificially grown super humans and just kinds of reminds me of that artificial human army from full metal alchemist, and YES. LET'S DO THIS ODA.They have a potential to be an unstoppable force, if given sufficient resources; no wonder Big Mom want them so bad.In a particular scene where Yonji was showcasing the glass tanks of artificial humans to sanji and lecturing him about the wonders of science ( I think its chapter 840?) I thought that sanji and his siblings were artificial humans themselves and I had a mini-heart attack, lost all my shit and almost bowed down , but was immediately disappointed when it was clarified that they were modified in the womb, and is a naturally born human.Wasted opportunity. It would have been such a left turn for the series if that had happened and would have added more impact to the straw hats' camaraderie for accepting sanji despite who he is, but it is what it is.The bottom line is: Germa 66 is dope.​​6. Charlotte Family- No, I will not be talking about the Big Mom Pirates; which is basically made up of her spawns, but the family itself stripped of weapons, pirate ships, and devil fruits.The first thing I noticed is the lack of hostility, animosity, and rivalry among the siblings. If this was another anime, with a powerful parent like that, and with the grandeur and reputation that the Charlotte family had, best believe that everyone will pretty much slit each other's throat to gain mama's favor, or to be her successor or whatever shit does the premise dictate.But surprisingly, (and a refreshing surprise on that.) The siblings all work as a cohesive unit of a well oiled fighting machine. They all have some degree of respect, affection, and admiration towards each other that you wouldn't find often on such a large brood. And for a family of homicidal maniacs, that is very heart warming to say the least.Yes they might be rough to each other at certain points, like oven did with chiffon, but it is just how they are wired and raised; to be soldiers for mama, and be ruthless when the situation calls for it. And in that respect, it is really sad to think about it.If you would ask me, they would do better if raised in a better environment, they could be all decent people, at the least.Despite their twisted upbringing and the constant toxicity of big mom (Liked her character,but I think we all agree that she is a dreadful mother.) Some of her children are just inherently good. The twins Lola and chiffon, and to some extent, Pudding, are examples of these.I would love for this family to have a spin off of their own, just to show what they are when the armor is down, and they could all just be themselves.Loved the layers of this family.​​5. Celestial Dragons / World Nobles- Now, Why are the walking pieces of shit ranked so high??????????I know I'm not the only one who despised them as soon as they stepped on the scene with that ridiculous bubble head and their dreadful overalls during the archipelago arc, but I ranked them high, because we didn't see, or sometimes, we just didn't care about seeing them as a human, with an untapped potential of growth, and humanity in them.I imagined that if I was inside the series' world and I happened to be a yonko with an overwhelming army on my side, or I was the pirate king; My first moved is to head straight to mariejoise and massacre all the celestial dragons, end their tyranny, display their heads on a spike and parade it throughout the four seas. ( That sounds so messed Up, but whatever. T'was my kink OK.)But come the internet breaking chapter 907 with shanks' appearance and all that, I was smacked in the face with the reality in the guise of saint Donquixote Mjosgard.Celestial Dragons are beyond irredeemable in my initial opinion. They deserved to color the seas red with their blood. But despite of their pride to segregate their kind from regular people, and their bravado of doing whatever the fuck they want, in the end, they are what they are; a human. A twisted one at that; but a human subjected and capable to change.Mjosgard perfectly showed me that. Doflamingo's father threw away everything in the hopes of igniting something that might change everything for the good, but sadly he was engulfed in an unprecedented inferno, and was literally crucified in the process. (Why the fuck does good people always have to dieangdkwusnxuwkajshdka)I'm not excusing the shitty behavior they exhibited, but I'm just trying to approach this with an open mind for possible or hopefully further evolution on their characters in the future. I think that they are a fascinating subject to observe within the OP universe.​​4. Revolutionary Army- Now the fourth spot belongs to the ever elusive Revolutionary army. Right on the get go, we heard about this org so much, but we didn't really have a picture about how they operate, or how they do things. We mostly just get glimpses and snapshots of whatever the hell they are up to.I'm Gonna be honest, this org is in the top 4 solely because of potential, and the hype surrounding their might and the possible cataclysm they might cause.But let me just say, in terms of feats I'm not that impressed yet. Remind me if I've forgotten something vital, But for an organization having a vision so grand, they look like they lacked the power necessary to achieve their goals. Being folowed by burgess, and subsequently having their base of operations destroyed by black beard without any reported casualties on bb's part doesn't really help for me either. They have spunk, yes, but nothing much yet worthy of recognition.And there is the matter of Monkey D. Dragon. Dude looks really shady in my opinion, and I'm kind of conflicted about my opinions on him.There's a theory that Dragon is the strongest haki user in the series and that's a VERY NICE premise if it turned out to be true, and much much more believable since Garp only exhibited strength, hand to hand combat prowess, and haki as his main method of battle. And his son being in the same vein or even more powerful is just logical and promising.But I'm afraid that this is all just wishful thinking and over hyping, and Dragon might turn out to be a disappointment.Now, I'm just underestimating them, But I hope that they do prove me wrong in the future and smack me in the face with feats I was asking for.​​3. Oka Shichibukai- Royal Seven Warlords of the Seas. If you are an anime lover and you didn't nut to the sound of that, You are dead Inside. That has to be one of the most over-the-top titles there is in the same page as Daenerys Targaryen's Mother of dragons, queen of the seven kingdoms, destroyer of chains bullshit that sounds so pretentious but badass at the same time. AND I LOVED IT.The Very first time their organization was mentioned during mihawk's entrance at the baratie Arc, I was already looking forward to them because mihawk Looks promising already.And they turned out to be one of the best and ineteresting organizations intoduced by this series so far.One thing that really won me over is the overall diversity within the organization. The member's designs, abilities, personalities, and overall disposition, is so damn diverse, that when they stood side by side together during the marineford war, everyone stood out like a sore thumb in the best possible way.Their designs ranged from a badass Spanish swordsman, a snake princess straight out of a hentai, annnddd. . . . . a disappointment.Another thing that is interesting to me is their histories as an individual.Some of them had already been fleshed out, as in the case of jinbe, doffy, and hancock, but the rest are still a mystery to me, and an enigma that I wanted to explore more.I think It wouldn't do justice to talk about them as a whole so I will talk about them one by one.( For the sake of this discussion, we will talk about the Original Seven Shichibukai alone. For a moment, we will return to a happy place, where everything is all right, and buggy the clown didn't ruin everything.)​Dracule Mihawk- I would like to start this TED Talk by pointing out that Mihawk is an absolute Daddy Material. Fight Me.Listen, he is my favorite shichibukai, and I swear, This guy had to be one of the most slept on characters of this series.Dude is the greatest swordsman in the world, had one of the best designs in this series so far, travels the ocean on a literal coffin like a true badass, and has a Big Black Sword ( That. . . Came out wrong didn't it? ), and yet, the hype department of the fandom is quite silent when it comes to him, and I rarely see anyone raving about him.Maybe because of the limited screen time he gets, his lack of memorable personality, shortage of achievements as compared to some shichibukais, and in my opinion, his general lack of presence in the story so far; this bad ass is quite often swept under the rug when it comes to the fandom fave bad asses.Exhibit A, He's the only schichibukai by far who didn't have any arc focusing on him throughout or at least featured him prominently, and thus, we didn't see the full extent of his abilities and his depth as a character. (Marineford and baratie doesn't count for me.)Hancock had Amazon lily.Jinbe had fishman island, and to some extent, Whole Cake island.Kuma had sabaody archipellago, parts of thriller bark and he is likely to be in the forefront of the future arcs the way the story unfolds.Crocodile had alabasta.Doflamingo had the Goat Dressrosa arcHell, even Moriah had thriller bark!And my poor boy, the last we saw him in action was in the war arc, and its almost a decade since then!Despite of these, I'm still rooting for the guy, I just feel it. He will be able to deliver something surprising in the future.​​Boa Hancock- Now we have the pirate empress, who had the same dilemma as mihawk not being much in the spotlight, but stayed in the public consciousness because of her antics with luffy and her nice sets of. . Yes.But don't get me wrong, she is my second favorite shichibukai. ( Yes I'm a masochist for rooting for characters who don't get much screentime.) Any girl who could wreck a pacifista in one kick and destroy everyone around her unopposed is a-OK in my book.I must say, her fighting style is very interesting to me. Mero-mero no mi has to be one of the most unique abilities I've seen, and her kick-base fighting style will give sanji a run for his money, cause in my opinion, she did it better.Also, her past was quite interesting and added humanity to her vain character. I didn't liked her at first, but who wouldn't fall for her interactions with luffy?​​Jinbe- Knight of the steel balls, Jinbe, Everyone. My God, I love this guy.He had me at "There's no way a man who intends to join the crew of the future pirate king, will cower at a MERE YONKO." Mihawk sweetie, You had a LOT to catch up on.As I was saying, He is my favorite along with Mihawk just because of the sheer SPUNK this guy exudes.He comes across as a don't give a fuck guy, while simultaneously being as fussy as a tsundere class president, and it was a right blend.Fishman Island Arc, as many flaws it had, did a great job on fleshing out Jinbe as an individual.His backstory gives us an insight about his complicated feelings about humans, his attitude towards the state of his society, his continual battle against racism, His philosophies, and most of all his drive to do what he is currently doing.And also Fisher Tiger.He is one of the most layered characters in the series, and just got me rooting for him because of his general nobleness.And also, he permanently earned my respect for gunning big mom in the stomach.Hands down.​​Bartolomew Kuma.- For such a big Man, That paws were adorable.Ok, Kuma is the biggest enigma of this series in my opinion.Everytime I think about him, I ended Up scratching my head.I just can't grasp what his deal is all about?Despite his antagonistic disposition in the archipelago arc, it was later revealed that he is actually a good guy, and then was also revealed that he had turned over his self to the government and was turned into a loyal cyborg.I am confusion.If he is in the shichibukai to spy in the government; which we all assume he is, dude is doing a very good job. Being known as the most loyal shichibukai and all.But it looks like he took his pretending too far, because now he is a literal dog to the government.So what's the deal? Did I missed something? Did something happened offscreen? Maybe he was blackmailed or something? Or did he really betrayed the rev. Army?I am dying to know what is really up with this guy.​​Crocodile- Now, Now we have the beloved crocodile. I'll just give praise where it's due, because oda nailed everything about this guy.From his design, attitude and overall participation in alabasta was done to perfection.The stitched up face, the cigar, the fur coat, and the golden hook, just works. Its that look.You don't even know about this guy, but you're dead sure he is a bad guy.Even without any context, You just KNOW he will be a good villain.A good design, is a promising sign in my case, and he did came through.One thing though, I wish we got more tidbits about him. I was really curious about what was the roots of his grudge against whitebeard might be, and what is he up to now, because the last time he was shown, he was headed to the new world.So maybe we might get screen time from him in the future.​​Donquixote Doflamingo- Now we've got Double D.First things, First, Let me just say this once and for all:DOFLAMINGO IS OVERRATED AS FUCK.Louder for the people at the back please.I know most of the Dressrosa Fan whores like me attributed the supposed "Greatness" of this arc to doffy, and constantly raves about how he was the greatest villain in the history that supercedes hitler and all of that, but I must say, He is not just it for me.OK, First, In his defense:He is a good Villain. His actions in dressrosa were nice( well not really nice nice, if you get what I mean.) he actually got me at the edge of my seat. He nails being evil, and he owns it.His backstory as a fallen celestial dragon was very well written and added a touch of nuance to his character that I didn't even expect.But the problem is; I felt like he was misplaced. He is in the wrong place and the wrong arc. He just doesn't suit dressrosa in my opinion.He is too. . . . I dunnow how to say it, Funky? Laid back? For a setting that has a grim background and a sinister undertones. Maybe some people like this juxtapositionOf a happy go lucky villain, running amok and doing unspeakable shit, but I will give this arc to a villain in the mold of Akainu; Ruthless , and authoritrian.And now to the Drag:Bird Cage has to be the stupidest plot point so far in one piece, and is a slip on Oda's Part. This premise managed to get this face out of me throughout.There is no way an admiral, much less, Zorro, Couldn't do shit against Strings.That definitely kind of killed the vibe of this arc in my opinion but nevertheless, I enjoyed it still.All in all, Doflamingo was fine, But in my opinion he just doesn't warrant all the praise and hype he usually gets.(But I must say, he did used ito ito no mi rather inventively, so there's that.)​​Gecko Moriah- . . . . . .*sigh* I couldn't just express my disappointment over this guy's potential and overall aesthetic but here we go:First, let's talk about his design.That over sized shoes alone immediately killed my initial respect for this guy, because he looked liked a caricature of a big bad bully, who grew up to be a sniveling wimp.But still I gave him a chance, despite not really liking his design that much, because who knows.But damn he is such a push over compared to the others in this list.He is a horrendous fighter; mostly because he depended exclusively on his devil fruit abilities, but unlike Doflamingo, his utilization of his devil fruit powers is not that really great either.Kage kage no mi, on the hands of a tactical and a crafty soldier, will be a force to be reckoned with.But with moriah, it all just went to waste.Although I do kind of feel for the guy, since his comrades were decimated by kaido and turned them into his own kind of foot powder, and he did looked like he genuinely cared for them.So now he resorted on an all zombie squad so he won't experience the same trauma ever again.Poor lad.But it doesn't excuse his being a pathetic villain.​So to round it to a close, The Oka shichibukai is a complex and dynamic organization, jumping from one roster to another in a blink of an eye.I'm not really satisfied with the line up right now, but hell, do they make this series more engaging.​​2. Yonko- "A threat, a demand, when issued by one with overwhelming power, becomes simply inevitable fate. . After all, who could possibly oppose it? That is the existence known as the Yonko!" Well, Pekoms already laid it out in front of all of us.Calling these Guys "OP" is a deadly understatement.One could cause deadly earthquakes in a snap, one could kill with fear alone, and manipulate the weather at that, one is an immortal dragon, and one is a one armed man who had no business looking so bad ass carrying a toy sword, while wearing sandals.As I said, Beyond OP.They are just the bunch that makes this series OK? Every time they are simply mentioned, everyone just waits with bated breath as to what will happen next.They are the root of excitement and one of the possible endgames of this series, they are instrumental on making this series so goooood.My main criticism is their lack of solid history. When was this Group established? How did they came to be? Did people just started calling them four emperors? What is the qualifications to be considered one? And who were the first batch of people to be called Yonko?These are the questions that kept me up all night, and will be for the series to address.But now lets get down to business, and talk about the baddest of the bad of the four blue seas.​(For this list, we will be talking about the original four Ypnkos. Blackbeard and luffy. . . . We don't know them. We don't claim them.)​1. Edward Newgate (Whitebeard)- First we Have the emperor of mismatched Facial Hair and Certified Pussy destroyer, The strongest man who was alive, Edward Newgate, aka, White Beard.First of all, I love this man.His design alone instantly won me over and he certainly made the greatness that is marineford arc.He came and showed, that bitch, He's a Yonko. He threw his wait around, not without legitimate reason, and displayed what will happen when anything went against a force of nature called an emperor.Although he died a tragic death, He died like a bad ass by remaining standing and not letting his body hit the ground like you all normies do when you die. DAMMIT.I must say, I'm quite worried that he will be paid dust by the fandom sooner or later. It is bound to happen, and we could not help it.I feel like his sole purpose is to display what a Yonko could do, and serve as a benchmark for everyone on what to expect with the future Yonkos, and surpass it. Just like white beard himself said " I could not be the strongest forever." He is bound to be overshadowed by everyone else on the last few arcs of one piece. Although I'm feeling salty that his legacy as the strongest man will soon be tarnished, I hope that the fans will not do his name dirty in the future.#ProtectPopsLegacy​​2. Shanks- I don't even know how to start with this man.This Guy is Probably the biggest hype train of this series because everyone just wants to know what in the four fucks could this one armed, dollar-store-sword-carrying motherfucker do.Hell, He appeared just once on the very last panel of one chapter and broke the internet.Despite of his ambiguity, I must say he is one of my favorite Yonkos.He just breathes and sweats a perfect mixture of mystery and badassery, that instantly won me over. He is low key and in the face all at the same time, and I just stan this man.I know this is brought up too many times and just makes the whole fandom groan and roll their eyes in annoyance, but his walking on the middle of the war and stopping it instantly sealed it for me. ( Well, we couldn't really pin it solely on the reasoning that the marines are afraid of shanks; they suffered losses too and it will be illogical to continue fighting.) But still, it was one of the most bad ass scenes in any anime ever.I know some people will definitely say that he is over hyped to hell, and this excessive attention to him is sometimes borderline ridiculous.I will agree on that; he is definitely way too over hyped, but not without reason.Listen, this man single-handedly ( No pun intended) stopped A LITERAL FUCKING DRAGON from rampaging and messing everything up. And then went to marineford with all the nonchalance in the world stopped a war, without sustaining any kinds of injuries.JUST WHAT THE FUCK COULD DIS MAN DO?????!!!!!! I'm getting chills just by thinking about it.And also, I would just like to bring attention to that theory that shanks was a celestial dragon? Whoever you are, if you are reading this, hit me up because I FUCKS with your theory. Marry me.In my short time as a One Piece Fan, I feel like this fandom is mainly divided into two: team Kaido or team Shanks. No in between.And in my case, I'm DEFINITELY team shanks.​​3. Kaido The Beast- Let me just say it plain and simple; not a fan. No, I'm not blindly hating him because I'm a delusional shanks fanboy; He just doesn't really do it for me. I know in the recent chapters, The fandom is now on its knees sucking his dick, but let me explain my side.Most of the reasoning why Kaido was well received is the fact that, in the words of this sub, He "Really captures what it looks like being a yonko." (Read it somewhere, but can't find the citation, sorry.)And yes, I definitely agree. He looks like it. He is definitely the poster boy for perfect Yonko design: Big muscles, Big horns, menacing face, tattoos, and the overall vibe that he eats sea stone nails for breakfast without milk everyday without suffering constipation.And that is exactly why I find him boring. He seems to me the typical image of what you will imagine a pirate emperor will look like: overkill.White beard is on the same vein with him in terms of design, but he pulled it off with surprising majesticness and sleekness that kaido lacked. (But maybe that's the point of kaido's design; be rugged and unpolished but whatever. )And with that, I am immediately turned off.He just doesn't surprise and excite me. Dude is a fucking dragon as I stated again and again, and I didn't even budge upon the reveal. ( I swear. Didn't even read the spoilers. )And it's not just the design. He also suffers the same fate as most of the ripped characters in most animes did; lack of depth.Dude appears like a one dimensional brute who makes up for his lack of substance with the sheer density of his muscles.I bet his backstory is just a dramatic montage of him smashing mountains after mountains, then got tired of it, went atop a mountain, screamed his heart out while crying with rain pouring in his face while the thunder rumbled on, and reached an epiphany, found his new purpose in life which is, wait for it, smashing pirate ships. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯​But I must give credit where credit is due, because he absolutely nails the Wano Country Arc, and is instrumental in making the arc as hype as it is.But as an individual, I just don't care much about him.With a decent backstory and more character development, my opinions on him might do a 360, but as of now, not a fan.​​4. Charlotte Lin Lin ( Big Mom)- First of All, You all fuckers are doing this woman dirty for so long. And admit it, in the deepest, darkest, part of your soul, You would rather have Blackbeard replace her instead of whiteboard. FUCK YOU ALL. ( Just kidding. )Anyway, I'm APPALLED by the general consensus about this woman. This girl is like the punchline among the Yonkos; A DISGRACE, And is regarded as just a form of "women's representation"??? ( I wouldn't cite the you tube channel, but I felt attacked.)And Best believe, I will NOT stand for this status quo.I must say, I could kind of see why Big Mom is easily dismissed.White beard, Kaido and shanks, all displayed this intimidating and powerful commanding aura. When You looked at them, You just know that they are some hot shit and you better be bowing your heads in respect.They just command authority that you wouldn't think twice about acknowledging.Big mom, in retrospect, as much as I'm Pained to say it, is a complete joke standing next to them.She looks something out of a parody anime that got axed after 3 episodes. I bet, if she was introduced in her 28 Year old form, people will pay her much more respect, but it already happened, and there is no good crying over spilled croquembouche.Another thing, she didn't have any hype Backing her aside from her massive bomb pussy. "Strongest man alive" "Strongest Creature in the land" "Baddest hands Hand in all the seas."She didn't have anything to say for herself, so everybody immediately moved on.But, Man, this woman might be the most interesting Yonko among them (Well maybe not above shanks, But almost on the same level)Her fairy tale aesthetic, and the ethereal feel of totoland, immediately punctuated by her hulk like rages during her formal debut as an antagonist got an applause from me.That is how you do contradictions OK?This is stuff straight out of a child's trauma. FUCK THAT. I hope we never see anything as disturbing as that ever again. If one piece is turned into a live action series, best believe Big Mom will gave everyone nightmares. (Over the horrendous casting or acting, we don't know.)And as a Villain Yonko, I couldn't ask for more; menace, power, cruelty, intimidation, and an interesting background to solidify her actions were all the reasons I had to greatly like this character.First of all Villainy; She is an unstoppable, power hungry bitch, with occassional unstoppable fits and i loved it. It perfectly exhibited the Yonko's unstoppable nature, get-the-fuck-away-from-them-at-all-costs aesthetic that the whole org is renowned for.Second: her background. Her relationship with the giants are a great interest to me, mainly because of her feelings towards them. It would look like she hates them based on her reaction to sanji's father inquiries about the lack of giants in totoland, But when you looked at it beyond the surface level, she just felt alone for a very long time and longs for a companion that could truly understand and accept her.Remember; she was abandoned because of her size and destructive capabilities by her own parents, and found her way to elbaf, where she might finally be accepted, but still isn't.That's why mother caramel rooted herself deep within linlin's psyche, as the only person who truly understands her, but with the price of permanently stagnating BM's emotional growth by constantly spoiling her.Mother Caramel, along with the lamb House, served as a catalyst for her desire to have a big family. To emulate the camaraderie of the place where she truly felt happy for the first time.But despite achieving her goals, her children just doesn't do it. They are not her equals; They are not as big as her. And they can never serve as a guardian figure like caramel ever did to this still 6 year old, woman in her 60's.That's why she still seeks the validation of Elbaf; The brethren that got away. The fact that she named one of her attacks "ELBAF SPEAR" is already telling. That's why she felt murderous rage when the elbaf giants are now beyond her reach, she lost not just an army, but her last chance in achieving a sense of equality and belonging.So she now focused her attention on blowing up her family to her size, so they can maybe, finally, felt truly like a family to her.( Just remember, White beard on his 60's is already on IV drip, whereas the bitch is still conquering diabetes. A TRUE EMPRESS.)So yeah. We pretty much have to give it to these four for making this series such an exciting watch. All hyped up to what might happen next.​​1. World government.- Listen, The Yonko is my initial top organization of this series, because they just are. But upon thinking about it, The World Government just takes the cake because for certain reasons. This Organization Managed to be an excellent Villain, while still maintaining an immaculate reputation ( Well not maybe). And they managed to have a significant layer and facets that befits an organization. Also they gave me a serious vertigo when I think about them as a whole. The premise of the fan's feelings about the marines is an interesting spin in perspective; We Spend this entire series rooting for the "inherent Villains" ( The Pirates in this Case) and ended up hating the Upholders of Justice. ( The marines of course.) But despite being The supposed Villain of the series, You Just Can't hate the entirety of this organization because Coby? Fujitora? Aokji? My feelings about them could be perfectly related to this. We can't decide what is their true stand on things so it's up for us to decide on how we will feel about them under the setting in which they operate.​Also, this organization is the embodiment of the Iceberg metaphor; We just only saw what was in the surface, this blokes still had tons of things up their gloriously pressed trench coats or something. Imagine, its already 900+ chapters already and still nobody even knows the NAME of any of the 5 elders? There's is still so much to reveal, still so much to theorize; by far my favorite one will be the flag of world government being the four points of raftel.​And also We had Im. Bruh. He just dropped out of nowhere and left us all with blue balls about what his deal might be?I actually had a theory that Im is actually just caesar clown pretending to be pathetic and all that so he could surprise us all at the finale when he killed everyone with a single push of a button and one piece ends as a tragedy. Just kidding. We are all entitled to our own outlandish theories OK?All in all, they Do what they had to do; Serve as the Main omnipresent Villain that every shonen has, and they are doing it really well. We still don't know what their end goal might be, and I still didn't have a clue about their lurking ulterior motives, but, Maybe I'll find it out soon after 15 years. I'm Crying just by thinking about it.​So yeah this is one of those Tl;Dr posts, but i hope you enjoy fighting my opinions you didn't agree With XD. Any Way Happy New Year Everyone! :) via /r/OnePiece

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