Need counseling from Lolice. I'm good if I came to you first right???

Konasuba is the best anime. It saved my weeb life at a time when I thought modern Anime was too "trash for my tastes". Why can't I lewd characters from anime I like?-hi, new here. So yall are just memeing it up or what? Can I ask one thing: I always thought the point of hentai was to lewd Anime and Manga that you like. Like when I read/watch something I put myself in the character's shoes, theoretically "reaging" myself but more like "living in their world as an equal". So how can that be pedophilia?Like, if I ever got a girlfriend who had personality traits or appearance traits that I like in anime characters, Megumin in example. OF COURSE she'd be of age, and of course I'd dream of growing old with her. Like doesn't wanting to grow old and wanting to date someone who is my equal make me normal and not "attracted to kids"?Like, I don't wack it to Pokemon characters cuz of their age. I do it cuz I've always been a pokemon fan and I have always imagined myself in their world. Serena, IE, is Bae but of course if I was dating her there wouldnt be an age gap. Ether 1. I'd be a teen again, or 2. She'd be reasonably closer to my age. Struggling with the same real world challenges, etc.Like isnt what a REAL pedo does is get turned on by the age/intelligence/lifestyle gap? They want someone who doesnt function on their level. They struggle to relate to a woman who is their equal.I'm really confused about my liking of all hentai, like if there is a series I enjoyed I read dojin from it as well. Of course there are loli (in the way they are drawn) that gross me out like crazy. But there are other "loli" like mako x gamagori (Kill La Kill) that are really fun, cute, and kinda hot. What man doesn't like the idea of being the "bigger person" while the woman has the "dominating personality".All I'm saying is IDK how to feel about my hentai choices and feel if I go to you guys first, the Pololice you could give me guidance. I look at grown women hentai too a lot, but even characters like Pyra from Xenoblade are "underage" but look super thicc - I'm so confused what is actually "bad". via /r/Lolice

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