Needs help overcoming my addiction due to depression.

Hello Guys, I need your help here. First, I want to tell you how I became addicted. Back in my high school days, when I first move out from home and stay in a hostel, I had to make some really life-implicating decisions and I became easily depresssed over many of the decisions I made. I found pornography kind of relieving my stess at that time, and soon every time I was stress, I would be thinking of porn and became addicted. If I do not watch and masturbate, I would feel really low and I cannot even study and do my homework. Masturbating gave me the "high" in the shortrun to do whatever work I need to do. The depression I had at that time takes a really toll on my life and affected me a lot. Now, three years later, I am studying in college and I am trying to overcome my addiction. But everytime I am alone like in my room or feel stress, I will not to be able to do my studies and will get urging thoughts to watch porn and hentai to calm my self. I realise that to solve my addiction, I need to tackle my depression but I still finds it difficult to tackle it. I went to a psychiatrist but that didn't help. I realise engaging in social interactions helps to prevent those thoughts but since I am really interverted person, I will get exhausted really quickly and cannot keep up.Also, there is this evil cycle of depression and masturbation. When I feel depressed, I will masturbate and because of that i will feel more depressed and it will go on. And usually in such case my whole day is wasted feeling down.Guys who are developing addiction due to depression, how are you fighting it and any tips that you learned? via /r/NoFap

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