nobody will love me

i really need to have a gf. i dont really want to date a normie, im more into the otaku/artist girl. my family and i dont really get along and i only have 1 estranged friend. a gf is my only shot at being loved. i just can seem to be able to get with anyone. everyone at school knows my and hates me from shit i used to do. all the girls are disgusted by me and think im some weird creep who watches hentai. also my social skills are horrendous. whenever i just to actually talk to girls they just ignore me or say something like "ewwwwwww, get away from me you creep" (this part was sensationalized a bit but you get the point) everyone at my work goes to my school so i cant date them. i need to be 18 to use tinder (11 months). girl at anime cons have probably delt with so many creeps that they will just see me as one of them ending any chance and distance. since i sometimes want to be a trap, i cast just go to the gym and get ripped. i still am fine doing cardio. i laso cant get a "buzz cut" and have a really bad failed attempt at itachi lookin hair. the girls that i would be dating might be into that tho​so what can i do?​plz dont say:​you are so entited - no. im the mc of my own story. also love is a human need​be patient - who would i want to make me being lonley longer?​improve yourself - that what im doing​ur to young to be upset about being lonley - bullshit. kids have been dating since like 12. im almost 18work hard in school - according to maslow's hierarchy of human needs, love has a higher priority​focus on you hobbies - maslow's hierarchy says that love is more important​im 20s and im still single - hearing your failures wont make this better via /r/relationship_advice

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