Not a pic post but interesting all the same.

Unsurprisingly this degeneracy was found on an Unturned server.I joined an Unturned Server a few days ago, pure vanilla france, been playing it. Just met the owner and the mod, owner left. Mod gave me discord link.I come to find out the owner and mod have loli hentai (Child hentai for those fortunate enough not to know already) on their profiles.I bring this up to mod, mod says "ye it just mean petite chick, my gf is a loli irl"I wince at the stupidity, and proceed to try to explain to him what a loli actually is.He goes to urban dictionary, and uses what is obviously not the first definition (sixth definition down, all the others ones basically confirming it's pedophillia) to claim "They're NOT children"After giving him the first five definitions, he permanently bans me.​TL:DR Unturned server pedo-weebs literally lying to people to try and protect their child hentai fetish. via /r/justneckbeardthings

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