Please review my site/idea... Is this a good thing to continue working on?

Hello fellow Anime Fans..​So.. I've been cooking up something for the past few months, something I think (but I have been wrong before) is useful.​So the idea came from me and my friends having issues to filter out the "best" or the "anime for us" of each season. When we were in collage we had the time to literally watch 10s of shows and get together and talk about it. Now that we work, are located in different countries, we have less time to devote to our anime worlds.Here is the pitch, so I've kinda want to make a website which only shows you the current animes of the season. Yes I know there are thousands of these and there is MAL, why not just use MAL.. Well you see MAL is awesome it has its own community etc. but we want something simple. I just want one place where I can see a list, sort it and pick what I like.​So the best case scenario, I have enough visits and people who care to leave comments and ratings which can be filtered. This is maybe "too much to ask for", but yeah, if anyone is interested to see a "prototype".. which is really everything is WIP, from the features to the design please leave a comment and I can PM you the link, so the server doesn't crash if more than 20 people visit it at the same time :)​Currently only the frontpage is available with sorting animes by seasons and years and filtering with genres. Hentai is currently turned off.. but I can turn it on if there is demand for that too :)​I just want to get some feedback so I know if I should continue with this since I really am passionate about it, since it would be just a small and simple tool for sharing what you love with other people, but if there is no need for this and/or if the idea is bad please let me know so I don't "waste" my time on it. Please be honest and say what you think into my face! well its the internet you will do it anyway..​Some things that are in my TODO:​- Login with creating account, using Google/Facebook- Comments on anime- Fix design so its humanly acceptable- Make profiles- Adding and sharing favorite lists for specific seasons / Personal Lists of the season​​Thank you if you read all this :) I would hug you If I could!​​​​ via /r/anime

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