Questioning my sexuality hella

For the past idk how fuckin long, I've come to terms with the fact that I am bi, and haven't really been doubting it, but it's starting to not make sense for me... It's clicked in my head all of a sudden.I would first like to add that me being half gay could've been through porn. Not your average porn, however... furry porn (I'm thankful I have this throwaway lol), and I've been watching it since. This was a time when I was a bit younger, and I think it might've influenced my sexuality as of now. I don't believe there's a gay Gene, nor do I believe that sexuality is a choice. I think sexuality comes from all the experiences and things you've seen, and you grow a "taste" to it. I definitely think porn turned me gay, and do I care? Absolutely not, I'm happy the way I am and don't wanna change it.I've dabbled in almost every corner of porn: furry, cartoon, hentai, irl, trap, you name it... Just no kiddies or beastiality, that's fucked up. But, what stuck out to me the most in the past week is that I have never been attracted to actual human men (in porn, at least).Seriously, I'm totally down for some furry dicks or gay hentai, but when I into pornhub gay recently, my brain just told me "uhhhh... nah". It's not like I'm not turned on by irl porn either, I'm still somewhat attracted to porn of irl women. Just never men... And I wonder why that is.I've begun to question a lot about my sexuality as a result. I'm not attracted to gay porn irl, and that's it. I've also never crushed on any boy in the past. I can't really picture myself having sex with anyone without getting a little grossed out. Hell, even the last time I tried fingering myself for experimentation was terrible and made me wanna throw up a little for an hour after that. That doesn't necessarily mean I don't wanna date a guy either, I would absolutely love to find a cute guy to snuggle on rainy nights and spend the rest of my life with. So, romantically, I am attracted to men.Am I actually gay? Am I straight? Am I just attracted to 2D? I don't understand. Like I've said, I've been totally comfortable being me since I've come to terms with my sexuality, but I just can't fathom looking at real men buttfuck or picture myself having it with another guy. via /r/askgaybros

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