Relatable. It reminds me of yesterday when I went in the shower to jerk off. Because it was halloween, my little sister wanted to go out and cosplay as a schoolgirl. When I asked her what was scary in being disguised as a schoolgirl, she simply replied "I borrowed mom's 12 inch dildo and hid it under my skirt with some flex tape". It's amazing how 12 years old can be creative. Anyway, once my mom and sister left for candy hunting, I immediately rushed towards the bathroom to look into the sinkhole, and hit the jackpot. A mass of prepubescent pubic hair could be found. It was easily recognisable from my mom's pusshair because of it's scent and taste: While mom's had a chewy texture and a bitter taste due to all the dicks shoved daily in it, my sister's hair had the sweet aroma of my own semen, while also having a crunchier feeling in my mouth, gently caressing my tongue like an angel's feather. I have this weird habit of always jerking off in the shower: because of the tremendous amount of sperm that comes from my balls each time I dare push myself to the limits, using toilet paper is a chore. I found that by being in the shower, I could easily clean everything thanks to the power of water. After undressing myself and putting my clothes in the sink next to me, I crouched in the shower, and moved my lower part towards the suckhole. I gently started pushing forward. Slowly making my way down with my 12 inch sloopity sloop, I suddenly felt a sharp pain: It seemed my sister also threw her razor blade down here; but I didn't care. Her skin oil, covering the surface of these sharp blades, merged into my bleedy penis. Continuing my descent I realised that sis's pubic hair was way deeper than I thought, and I had already reached max depth. Resigning myself to getting out of here, I realised something: I was stuck. Pipe-Chan, not letting go of my hose, kept pulling me back each time I tried to leave. Because I didn't want to cut off my only mean to live, I decided to use my secret technique: Blind shot. I closed my eyes, and tried to visualise the last loli guro vore needle hentai that I read: The moment the first image came to my mind, my balls instantly released their endless reserves of white milk and propelled me into the air. After that my mom entered the room and looked at my penis and thought it turned emo because of all the scratches. Last thing I know the hairdresser decided to give a wig to my shlonger to fit it's personality.Even if it seems like you're wasting potential children, you must not forget how much pleasure you get from doing it. I'm not saying you should abuse, but from time to time, it doesn't hurt. via /r/copypasta

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