/r/RealAhegao is stupid and fails to convey actual Ahegao

Tl;Dr at bottom. Edit: This is not an argument about whether or not mediocre imitation is okay, because it's obviously not and that's a pretty popular opinion. It's about the presumably unpopular opinion that /r/RealAhegao 's content is trash. Read on for clarification.Not sure why I feel the need to type this all out, but here goes./r/RealAhegao is stupid. Ahegao is basically a hentai art style that conveys the (male or female) is experiencing such indescribable stimulation that they're losing basical facial motor functions which produces varying results such as cross-eye, inability to keep one's tongue in one's mouth, drool, and saying just some of the stupidest god damn "in the moment" shit you've ever read. Generally, all 4 of these will occur at the same time.Some find it hot, other's may find it offputting, and that's fine.What's NOT fine, is /r/RealAhegao (RA for short). RA users will generally post selfies of themselves imitating the ahegao style, by sticking out their tongues and/or crossing their eyes. The "or" is unsettling because instead of actually putting in the effort to hit all four motions, they settle on two or even one. It actually looks ridiculous, and it's actually unsexier than just posting a regular selfie. There's imitating "art", and then there's being the illegal knock-off ls being sold at flea markets in the back corners."But SKTisBAEist", you might ask, "why should anyway care when"-Insert literally every good argument for people attempting niche porn here, or why fetishes don't need to apply to everyone, or how if people can find x body part sexy by itself why can't facial expressions, or why literally nobody actually needs to care about this issue-"And honestly who gives a fuck?"Excellent question. And it's a stupid one really. There's just no good ahegao porn. Hentai? Sure. Ahegao by the literal assload. Porn? No lol. And that's just a travesty, because Ahegao has the potential to be a super hot up and coming porn niche/fetish. There's definitely a porn market for men AND women to see one or both actors actually losing their god damn minds and facial function out of sheer stimulation and connection during sex, and I believe RA is ruining any chance of this happening by posting absolutely subpar ahegao. Seriously. It's bad. Cute girls making funny faces is fine and awesome and more girls and guys should do it. Girls and guys making a funny face, posting it to RA and calling it a day? Bad. Fake. Yikes. Stop ruining porn. Real Ahegao requires actual ahegao to be going on, not just the ability to cross your eyes and open your mouth.In conclusion, I'm not sure why I felt the need for this rant to be so long, but I know what I want. Ahegao is the result of fantastic sex. RA doesn't have, or has literally next to none pornographic content. We need a Actual Ahegao subreddit where men and women can enjoy getting plowed so hard they go completely stupid crazy and not this affront to degenerate smut art. Let the people know that this RA nonsense will not stand. WE DESERVE NEED BETTER./End rant. Thanks for reading. I hope you can understand my frustration, even if you can't agree. RA to Ahegao is the equivalent to comparing baked wheat cubes to wonderful sliced bread.Tl;Dr /r/RealAhegao is low effort, low quality, and little to no fucks given selfies about funny faces and is not at all representative of what Ahegao is or how it comes to be and I'm sick of it pretending it does. The bar needs to be raised enough that what is posted is actually ahegao, and not this ahefakeo sadness we're stuck with. via /r/unpopularopinion http://bit.ly/2V8k19h

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