Rules of the War - (EVERYONE PLEASE READ)

So it’s come to my attention that there's been a fair amount of rule-breaking and poor sportsmanship happening on both sides. Since we’re trying to keep this war fun and lighthearted, here’s a refresher on best practices for a meme war:Keep it civil. No ad-hominem attacks.Respect the rules of other subreddits.Don’t let the “war” give you tunnel vision, and don’t downvote based on faction. Upvote good and funny content, regardless of your allegiance. Quality OC should be celebrated, no matter which side it comes from!To expand more on the rules, here’s a full breakdown of both subreddits' rules, along with the most common rule violations:r/Animemes rules - r/Historymemes users, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.Rule 1: Post Anime Memes. Your post will not be removed as long as it is about the war, and it qualifies as a meme. For what we consider a meme, Read more here.Examples of the types of posts that will be removed:,,,,, 1.2: No Reaction Images, except on the weekends, UTC Time. If your post is along the lines of “When [situation] —> reaction,” it will be removed.Examples of the types of posts that will be removed:,,, 2: Be Nice. This one’s pretty straightforward. Maybe on r/historymemes holocaust jokes are ok, but over here, saying that you want to gas all the weebs is not. We’re not huge fans of racist propaganda either.Rule 5: No Screenshots. Self-explanatory.Rule 9: No Reposts. Easiest way to avoid this: DON’T POST SHIT YOU DIDN’T MAKE. If it’s not your OC, then assume the creator already posted it here and sharing it again constitute a repost. Also, 4 out of the 6 bans we’ve handed out so far have been for spamming reposts. Keep that in mind.Examples of the types of posts that will be removed: Pretty much anything you found on the front page of r/historymemes. (Assume it's already been posted)Rule 10: Posts Must Work Without Title. This is a little bit different from other meme subs, so it’s easy to get confused. Every image/video/gif that's submitted to r/Animemes must be a self-contained meme, not reliant on the title.Examples of the types of posts that will be removed:,, rules have always been, and always will be strictly enforced. Especially for r/animemes users, because y’all should really know the rules by now, and a meme war is no excuse to start breaking them.r/Historymemes rules - r/Animemes users, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.First of all:Guys, we aren't r/fakehistoryporn. The sub is for memes, not a photo with a fake caption. Fake caption posts will be removed.Please respect this rule. If we were at war with r/fakehistoryporn, you could post all those (historical date, colorized)-style memes, but we’re not. So don’t.Rule 1: Make Memes. I just assume this is similar to our own Rule 1, so if your post wouldn’t be considered a meme over here it probably won’t be one over there. Captionless pictures of anime characters, cropped hentai, etc. are not memes. Please don’t spam zero-effort stuff like that, it just makes us look like hypocrites when we criticize them for doing the same.Rule 2: No Reposts. Reposts are only allowed for archived posts. That means anything that’s already been posted for the war is not allowed to be posted again. Again, NO SPAMMING.Rule 5: All submissions must be from events 20 years old. One of their mods doesn’t want to relax this rule, even during the war. So if you can, try to include some history into your animemes so that they aren’t in violation of the rules.Keep reminding yourself that this meme war is just for fun. It’s okay to take it seriously, but you shouldn’t do so at the expense of other people’s experience. If at any point it becomes clear that this war is about to devolve into a pointless pissing match that’ll damage both of our subs, we’ll put an end to it real quick.We don’t want that to happen, so I’ll implore you once again. Have fun, follow the rules, don’t take it too seriously. And don’t forget to upvote quality content!Link to the previous war megathreadLink to the flairs suggestion thread via /r/Animemes

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