Shaku masturbates.

Disappoint my mom by masturbating?I fucking triumph over her. No doubt that my mom has a good right hand, she can play all of Moonlight Sonata with two fingers alone, but I've been masturbating since I was in her womb! I can play the Devil's Trill Sonata with pure sexual thoughts alone. "Disappoint" my ass.She couldn't keep up in every match we've had. My mom was good at masturbating, but I was beyond her understanding. My erections in the morning makes your guys look like twigs in comparison to my wood. Every motion of my wrist puts the Richter scale at an 8.5, and that's on a slow day. Car alarms set off as I stroke up, and the Earth moans when I stroke down. My mind numbs, and my heart nearly dies because of all the blood that rushes to my meat totem. The presence of my erected flesh tower is so grand, Thanos has to clap to even make me go away.Oh, and the ejaculation. Miniature pocket universes with each spurt. I don't need eggs to fertilize. When it hits the ground, life forms from pure man made matter, and the next ascended human being is born. A prodigy, no, a prophet that will lead humankind to the next galaxy.I shall tell you now. The Fountain of Youth is not a place, no. It is always on the move, and it's from the dick of someone that beats it off to way too much hentai then humanly thought possible.Source via /r/ShakuSwag

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