So kappa hates SFV huh?

Yet the frontpage is full with capcom pro tour posts the second something happens. And they are upvoted to the top.Men, I don't care, SFV is a disappointment for me but I don't go outta my way to put it down, but for all this sub seemingly braces itself on being the real fgc bastionthis is pathetic and hilarious beyond.This sub is hipocrisy finalized. Echochamber #1. LUL we do tah fighting games. But no one actually plays. SfV is tha superbad game (I don't object there) and yet everyone watches it. Le sleep fighter hehehehehe followed by some minutepost from the same guy from his fav NA crapper doing a wakeup DP.And then the thirst lmao, don't get me started on that. Porn is cool and all but the second capcom shows some big-tittied DJ with nips (though no one watched the stream obviously) there are at least three screenshots form it on the front page. Like holy hell, I'm a 29yo virgin that gets off hentai everyday but even that thirst is beyond my power.Yeye, I say what many others already said: "This sub is shit now". But know what, it was always shit. You let it become shit. People here give a fuck about actual fgc and rather pretend to do so and create 15 alts calling SFV a bad game while minuteposting everything that happens there. Or just talk shit about whatever game they like without actually having any clue about anything cause they rather stroke their cock while watching some boobystreamer trying to qcf.Like wow, you think the porn ban ruined this sub? No, it only showed it's true pathetic colors.(inb4 maikky alt etcetec.)Oh yeh, forgot the smashposting. Hahah guys look at smash it's so bad nahhahahahaha plays smash a second later "that will show ehm. I don't give a f about smash, but hipocrisy here is all "haha, that game retarded" then tehy go lab their fox combos. Holy f, just downvote smash posts if you don't like it. Don't put up with that hot and cold bullshit, you are worse than a virgin on their weddingsday.But go on and wallow in your own shit, it's not like people give a shit about this sub anymore anyways.Edit: Oh, I'll still visit this sub though. It rly has been the best shitshow since more than half a year now. Disregard all I said, keep going the way you are guys:) via /r/Kappa

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