Suggestions on making friends with girls and thoughts and concerns about audio pornography while masturbating

My record currently for being porn free is around a month and two weeks. I noticed though that I have a craving to have sex with girls when I do these long porn free breaks. The problem is that during this previous PR I stopped masturbating as well, which I know now is not the problem, the porn is.I have antisocial tendencies and making friends with girls is a bit difficult for me, so that is another problem. I find myself tongue-tied when I’ve been consuming porn, but free and witty when I’m not. So I know porn is inhibiting my self confidence.I also like to have deep conversations with people, and don’t like small talk, any suggestions on how to get out of the small talk phase with people in general?Over the last few months I have spiraled back down the path of consuming porn on a 2-3 day/week basis and now I’m trying to cut back again. I have been trying to masturbate without porn, but it hasn’t been consistent.I’ve been looking more at soft core pornography (pictures of hentai girls in undergarments) more to get my head off of the hentai videos and stripping videos I have been consuming.But I noticed a genre of porn that was interesting: audio porn. It’s like hentai ASMR if that makes any sense, with no visual animation. I listen to the more vanilla and sensual kind, and frankly I prefer that kind of porn in general. This audio pornography seems to be a sort of middle ground if this makes any sense?Any thoughts and suggestions about if it is still bad for the brain and or can lead me back into consuming regular Hentai/ stripping videos?I know abstinence is the best approach but I am curious about this though.Thanks for your time. via /r/pornfree

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