Super Smash Bros and the Friend Who Doesn't Like Losing

So I was about 8, 9, probably 10 when this happened. I remember it was more than a month (sorry my post is very weird when it comes to times and ages, I can't be bothered figuring put exact dayes because i'm way too tired) or so after the release of everyone's favourite Nintendo console, the Wii U. Even back when I was that young I knew this thing sucked. I went around to my friend's house (i'll just call him Hentai because that was his nickname in high school). To give you context on the kind of person you're gonna be hearing about, this kid once climbed onto a top bunk of a bunk bed, then cried and kept screaming about how he couldn't get down so we had to go get help. At like 12 years old. I even made another post about this kid and how he threw a tantrum because I refused to give him a legendary pokemon.Anyways, he had a Wii U with a couple of games. Sonic Boom, I think he had Mario and Sonic at the olympic games, but that's not the point. The one good game he had in his collection was Smash Bros U. We did this really stupid thing at the time where wewould set up some dumb storyline and take turns winning a match. Like I said, stupid. I asked him if we fould have a proper match. Second red flag (the first one being that Hentai was who he was), he tried to change the conversation or ignore me for 2 minutes straight. I finally managed to bug him into playing a proper match. I picked my boy, Greninja and proceeded to hand his ass to him while he kept yelling at me to stop playing and let him win. Just to let you know, at the time, he was about 9 or 10 when this happened.So if hearing a kid like a year or so older than me scream at the top of his lungs, telling me to let him win wasn't bad enough, we got into an argument and he kicked me out of his room. I did what I think any normal kid would do and tell their parents about it. Except his parents were super protective and favoured him over anything else. So I tell his mum. She walks upstairs, goes into Hentai's room, tries calmly talking to him, he tells her to fuck off, and then she comes back out and gives me the worst reply to this kind of situation I have ever heard. "Yeah, so you should just stay out of his room for the next while". No discipline, no telling off, no consequence, nothing. I wonder why he grew up to be a jerk who envys everyone who has something mildly better than what he has.Nowadays, from what i've heard, he's still an envious prick and he should be like 15 or 16 now. Glad to see some people don't change... via /r/gaming

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