The devil in you and the angel in you - solo sloop story

So, i love playing solo in this game, its relaxing and quite fun especially if you know what you are doing.But i had a funny couple of run in's the past two days that have both made me see the dark side of myself and the good side of myself, the devil and angel sort of deal.Well tonight while playing, i was on the hunt to go seek out some Skelie ships so i can finish my accommodation at 34 right now.But on my way i saw a sloop that was trying to be one of those "i stay far away from the fort, let you finish then steal your stuff"you know dat kinda guy.Well being a good Samaritan i am, i decided to go be a goalie for this Gallon who was working on the fort, i fought and chased this sloop for a good 10 minutes around this island at "skull keep"After they decided to say "forget this" i decided to make myself known to the ship i just defended.Before i even get a word in, they set their sails and decided to give chase to me while firing at me after i made myself known "i'm friendly"Well lucky for me, the group was a bunch of young children who where prone to doing "hot mics"Not a single shot hit my side so they decided to ram.lucky for me, i'm a pretty good shot once and a while with my pistol, so at the end of his mass, he tried to jump onto my ship, in mid air, shot him in the side and the next thing i hear is"Their hacking, their a hacker!"Welp that made me smile and want to really go in on them as i pummeled their lower decks sides as another guy leaped to try and get on my ship, failing and leaving only one poor guy on their ship bucketing for their life.well sleepy cannon comes into play and so they sink.last things i hear from the two in the water where "Where friendly, we where just trying to raise our flag."Everyone is friendly when they get their butt kicked.Moral of the story, you don't have to be a pirate legend to still be a good pirate.Now i have one more tale, it was how i did make friends with another gallon and a few players.during a skelie ship raid, i fought on two skelie ships with my pet meg (( thing was helping me the entire time wish i recorded this whole thing))But sadly after sinking 1 i got hit with a dancing cannon and then a normal ball, thus ending me and sinking my after reviving i decide to go back out there to finish what i started, turns out a gallon crew is out there fighting, i quickly go out, resupplied from barrels in the water and head out to help, i make myself known and show i mean no harm as they gathered the loot in their row boat, all i wanted was more skelie ship points.As soon as their about to head out, ol Hentai ass Kraken dude, pooped in the water and raised his tendrils sinks their gallon but i take it on, after a little fight, i manage to single handed take on the kraken and by this time they where able to re-spawn and come back to the area to gain their loot again.made a new friend, did a nice dance with them, then waved to them as i scuttled my ship and sunk playing a tune to head off to another server.While it be fun to fight others, it is also sometimes fun to shock people with your kindness in just helping....that is until yee cross dem, then yee be going to be looking like skully the parrot.​ via /r/Seaofthieves

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