The enigma that is formally known as "Hentai."

If you think about it... This video serves as a perfect monument to the enigma that is formally known as "Hentai." It's absolutely depressing...I watch anime and more specifically Hentai to escape the real world and achieve happiness yet I'm not happy, I'm sad in fact, lonely as I realize more and more that this world that I escape to isn't real and will never be... The very fantasies I try to live prove themselves elusive and impossible. The things I idolize and lust after are just pixels on a screen. The girls and guys I fall in love with are cold and unfeeling as they're just the imagination of an known person thousands of miles away. We desire things we can't have. Strive for goals we can't meet. See a world we can never experience, touch, taste, or explore. We create the perfect companion only to realize that it isn't a companion at all and never will be but writing in a story, ink on a page, or pixels on a screen. We constantly work and struggle to make it in a society that looks down upon us and for what I ask you, for what gain? We don't reap the fruit of our labors. We can never taste the sweet taste of success. We can never smell the pleasant aroma that we envision every-night or feel the warm sensation of another living being's flesh. Never do we know love because love cannot be expressed in words or pictures, it's a feeling that is mutually felt, and without the ability to feel a 2d image we are nothing. We assign personalities to something yet we can never confirm it as our creation can never reciprocate it.Death is the only assurance we have... It's cold embrace is comforting, I welcome it. via /r/copypasta

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