The pervert that is Yugibeard.

Hi its me again Tilly! Like I said in my previous post, I have more experience with neckbeard. Again if it sound weird, am French and am not used writing in English.First lets start with the character of this story. First is me Tilly, trans guy, but not on hormone yet so looking more like a tomboy than anything. My friend lets call her Yuna (because she like FFX) she have blond hair, a little bit chubby and busty. Than we have our Neckbeard, we will call him Yugibeard because he adore a little bit too much Yugioh, he have long greasy black hair with blond stripe in it, no fedora but he don't need it but he have shorts with some white and yellow stains on them.So everything begin with Yuna asking if I want to go to that Yugioh friendly competition with her. I accept without a second thought. I took my three main decks and go join my friend to the mall that she said the competition will be held.My friend came rushing to me and hug me and she drag me to the shop. You don't need to enter that shop and all you can see was neckbeards and nerdy weeaboo and I was happy to be with my friend that day. After what happen to me last time with my Ravenbeard I know now what was a Neckbeard and what they can do.Yuna and I enter and sit in one of the free table in the shop. The shop was a anime and comic shop with full of poster from different anime with little girl and I think it was from hentai and I wanted to die of cringe. So my friend and I started a duel, she have a Fortune lady kind of deck and I have a Zombie/Vampire deck. We done a few match and it was fun some of the guys came and talk to us and wanting to duel us and everything my friend accept one with someone and leave with him. I warn her if anything go wrong to come back to me she said ok and left.The moment she left the Neckbeard arrive in all of his glory (if we can say that). He walk to me with a walk full of drama, I don't know why but, everyone that was close to me start to idolize him saying the "Master" have arrive. I look at everyone with my cringe look until Yugibeard come to close for comfort for anybody. He look at me and my card that was on the table and he made a small uncomfortable smile on his face. He wanting to take my deck but I stop him before he could.- Hey bud, don't touch things that is not yours please.I started to clean my deck and put it back to the deck box, then he sit down in front of me and he was savoring the view I guess because is smile was creepier.- I simply wanted to see the deck of my opponent to see if I my deck is strong enough to be beaten.I look at him and just said that I don't want anybody to touch my card he started to make that face of pleading. It look like a pig it face first in by a car, oh yeah did I say he smell like one, yeah.- Please just a little look, it will be fast.I continue to say no and in the end he let that go and he pull out is deck. The sleeve of his deck his sleeve. The sleeve have Dark magician girl on them she. was. nude. If I didn't know he was a neckbeard now I know.- Let have a sweet and fast duel sweetheart. He wink at the end.- All right let duel I guess.I took out another deck that he didn't see and we started the duel. The moment I place not a zombie monster but a Gem-knight he freak out.- NO NO! You can't do that you have a zombie deck love, that Gem-knight crap. Switch right now.I look at him, he was standing in front of me trying to take my deck away from me but I push him away.- Dude let's stop that duel here, you win I lose so fuck off!I was mad at that point, he was making some weird nasal noise he was angry because I didn't took my Zombie deck. I walk back to Yuna and said we need to go. She ask why, but we will talk about it later. she took her deck and we left.You may think everything is finish but no sadly no. While Yuna and I left, I saw Yugibeard. He was in front of the shop waiting for me, than he saw Yuna. He "ran" to her and like he have done to me he look at her head to toe. Yuna was scared and hid behind me. He said that was cute and make a noise, you a fangirl noise when they see there favorite character making a cute thing in there Anime.I look a him and wanting to push him away but he was fat I couldn't. My friend know what was happening and she manipulate his mind.-Can you move please we want to leave.She said that so cutely that even me could not have said no. He move away and after he fall on his knee and bow his head to the floor.- Yes my princess, my queen. Anything for you two.We get out and Yugibeard started to follow us in the mall. He was pushing the other customer out of the saying the royal need space for walk and shit like that. Anyway we go he was there waiting and looking at us. My friend needed some underwear even tho I said another time she said she it today it was in her plan. I accept but I know and she know its was not a good idea but we still go.We find a underwear shop and look behind me and Yugibeard was if he could nose bleeding just by the look of female underwear. I said to my friend to hurry and she did but she wanted to try a swimwear before leaving and she wanting me to go in the stall for the trying. I said yeah but fast.She try the swimwear she look cute in the one piece. by the way, was standing in front of the door trying to block anybody to see inside. but the moment she wanted to undress and redress I turn around and I saw A phone in one of the hole of the wood paneling I was blocking. I rage I think he was not looking at his phone maybe looking like he was just standing there waiting. I took the shoe of my friend and smash the phone with it. Yugibeard let go of is phone because it smash on the floor in front of me and he left without it.I took the phone and put it in my pocket the top screen was broken a little bit but beside that it was fine. I go out and look around to see if he was there and ask around the shop if they see him and they all said he run out. I said to my friend that he left, she get dress she bought her thing and left.We didn't see him afterward but I wanted to see the video in Yugibeard phone. The phone have no password for entering so I could see the video. In the video you could see my friend nude and in the swimwear everything. I delete it but out of curiosity Yuna and I wanted to see what he have on his phone. He had other video of woman in the dressing room , that we deleted of course. He have pedophilic hentai porn and images like his background.We found is twitter open on it and we look at it. All he have is little girl porn and boy, meme of iamsmart like of thing. But the worst was that he was trying to flirt with 12 to 15 years old children and teen. Yuna was going to her twitter to report him on it she spam them. Now is account is close thankfully, but we are sure he have another one.This is the end, and I want to kill myself so bad after looking in his phone he have other thing in it but I don't want to talk about it. Thank you for reading that story, and was good to tell the world how bad the world could be. Bye and I have more story for another time! via /r/justneckbeardthings

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