Link to the flairs suggestion threadNearly 77 hours after the first shots were officially fired, this war finally draws to a close. As of right now, we are no longer at war with /r/historymemes. That means we’re back to our usual rules.To all participants who strove to keep this war both civil and enjoyable, we salute you! Since the goal was to be fun, we appreciate anyone who kept things lighthearted and didn’t take it too seriously.Please refrain from debating over winners and losers. By reaching a peaceful resolution like this, we’re hoping to bury the hatchet. We ask you to please harbor no ill will toward our former enemies, since we hope to collaborate with them again in the future.We apologize for the interruption, now back to your regularly scheduled shitposting.Link to the first war threadLink to the rules threadAlso, make sure you show some gratitude to all our allies by checking out their subs:/r/historyanimemes/r/MonsterMusume/r/THE_PACK/r/EelMemes/r/OneTrueBiribiri/r/Railgun/r/neckbeard/r/neckbeardrights/r/Lolice/r/CroppedHentaiMemes [Semi-NSFW?]/r/GoblinSlayer/r/EvaCircleJerk/r/HimeCut/r/Kaede/r/DarlingInTheFranxx/r/DarlingInTheMemes/r/Konosuba/r/Azurelane/r/NikaidouSaki/r/FalloutMemes & /r/ChildrenOfReese/r/KotaroTatsumi/r/overwatchrule34 [NSFW]/r/breathofthegonewild [NSFW]/r/pregnanthentai [NSFW]/r/YandereHentai [NSFW] via /r/Animemes

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