The War on Warframe - Let's Take A Look

Warframe is a gem that’s hidden in plain sight. At first glance, it looks like a bunch of bullshit that you might not enjoy. That is until you actually start to play the game. Shit’s weird man. Back when Warframe first hit the scene in 2013 ( a little bit after that to be specific) I downloaded it on my computer having no idea what the fuck it was. It just looked cool and was free. I was 14 at the time so that was really all a game needed to get my attention. But keeping my attention was a different story. From what I faintly remember of my first experience, the game was fun yeah. But there was more to it than that.Even back then the game had a certain element to it that made you want to boot it up over other things. Now mind you, I didn’t play it for that long. For 2 reasons. ​ much lag. My computer had been abused by too much hentai. I was terrible at it with a mouse and keyboard. I play it on PS4 now and I’m proud to say I’m terrible at it with a controller too, but significantly better than on M&K still.My point is that even in those short few days I played the original PC version, I was able to get a good steady grasp on the idea that this game is something worth having. I’m having trouble nailing down exactly what it is that makes it that way for the simple reason that the game just does so many things right. I mean it’s not perfect, what game can be right? But it would take a life-long pessimist to give this game a bad review of any kind. What perplexes me most about Warframe is the fact that this is such a high quality enjoyable experience…and it’s free to play. Like. There are games I spent my easily-earned money on that don’t hold a candle to Warframes quality, present and past versions. Speaking of money, my absolute favorite thing about this game so far (3 months total experience maybe?)  is the way it handles micro-transactions. You could never spend a penny on this game and still have an enjoyable experience never feeling like you’re missing out on something. What’s even wilder, is that if you DO buy Platinum you really do feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. A little bit goes a long way. And the fact that this game has a free market allowing you to sell the items you earn in-game for Platinum giving you even less reason to buy it, just blows my mind. I’m still early in the game but so far what seems to be the case is that aside from most cosmetics, Platinum is just a currency that you can exchange for time. Really want something but don’t wanna grind for it? Spend Platinum. Grinded for something but don’t wanna wait for it to finish building? Spend Platinum. Want one of those strange dogs that hatch from eggs but ain’t got no eggs? Spend Platinum. OR. Just be patient and grind for the things you want and save your Platinum for those neat little wings and cool skins. There are so many ways you can go about using Platinum and acquiring it. And that also reflects on other aspects of the game too. Between the hundreds of different weapons and mods for those weapons, and dozens of different Warframes there are so many ways you can go about playing this game. I mean shit I’d reckon you have a better chance of hitting the lottery than running into someone who has the exact same set-up as you in this game. This game has a level of depth to it that’s just ridiculous. Now that I think about it so far the only thing I don’t think reflects the depth that the game has and the quality that comes with it is the story. It is very very easy not to give a shit about the story. Actually, it’s more of like the game doesn’t necessarily have a solid over-arching story but a very complex set of side stories and lore that make the game feel alive. Which is cool as shit and that seems like a very difficult thing to pull off but I think Warframe does it well. But if you come to the game looking for a story that will stick, then wrong game. But if you come to the game looking to doing some wild ass parkour as a space Ninja trying to restore balance, or trying to disrupt balance, in the galaxy then good fucking choice man. Avoiding this being 3 pages long I’m going to sum up this blog with this: At surface level, Warframe could be an easy pass even though it’s free. But once you break past the surface, Warframe has you in its clutches with its excellent combat, interesting and unique themes, featured pack mechanics, and overall fun gameplay. In my personal experience with the game, I really do think that this game is legendary in its own right. It has done and continues to do shit that has never been heard of before and it does it well. It’s a game developed by some very ambitious people who know how to execute on their ambition skillfully and justly. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To the unsuspecting gamer after you’ve been a couple dozen hours in and you think you’ve got the hang of this game, think again. It’s a war out there.​​Note: You can read this same blog but this time with more pictures! via /r/Warframe

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