The Wizard society in Harry Potter is rather horrible and people shouldn't be dreaming of living there

Especially in 2018. As time passes, the more backward it will appear. It has been said before but I'll say it again, the biggest problem problem with Wizard society is its mostly Stagnant. Some say its a dying society similar to the final days of Rome. Very few significant changes happen. Lets take a few areas:Technology and ScienceYou know how electronics don't work in the wizard world because of magic? I bet it is on purpose and not a coincidence. Old cars and trains are ok but when we get handheld electrical stuff, that all goes out the window. Electronics is the next step in technology which presents a true threat to wizards. For all the shit wizards talk about muggles being inferior, I bet they are secretly scared of muggle tech making them obsolete. After all muggles have gone to the moon way before the HP timeline. How can inferior muggles already accomplish that but the great wizards can't? Just imagine how much stuff would become obsolete if even today's technology was introduced. I mean if Harry had an iPhone (or even a pager), he wouldn't need an owl since he could send an email which arrives instantly (no abuse of privacy due to Howlers either. Sirius probably wouldn't have died since Harry could have just texted him without needing to go to the fire place (Also notice how the communication mirror is only good for one contact? How primitive)Also at Hogwarts, it seems people care more on learning how to perform things rather than the theory behind it. Seeing as there seem to be no universities for academia and only a few government research divisions, its no wonder there has been no innovation! Basically the great old wizards invented some cool shit, and after that no body ever bothered came up with anything significantly new. Is it even ok to question the original great wizards? The series takes place over 7 years in the 90s. In that world not much has changed.  In our world 7 years have turned our  phones into almost wands. Like one device, you can do so many things on it with some swipes. And we never even needed to attend Hogwarts to use those functions.But I will admit, being able to fix a broken objects or regrow my bones with a flick of the wand is pretty nice. It will take us some time before we are able to get technology to do that. That's the beauty of being a muggle, there's always a way forward for there is no magic to make us complacent.Society and your fate Slavery is perfectly accepted. Looking down on impure people is normal (If you're 1% mudblood you can get out). Looking down on poor people is ok as well. Bullying people is actively encouragedBeing a Malfoy is great isn't it? You get to get away with it all by having a lot of money and power. Going to jail or dying is for poor people and selfless heroes. Your fate is pretty much decided at 11. The sorting hat will put you in the right caste/house which will pretty much determine the rest of your life going forward. Nepotism seems pretty rampant. In Hogwarts alone we get to see a lot of it blatantly displayed. Imagine being an average Slytherian just doing your role and finding out your House lost because Dumbledore decided to arbitrarily award just enough last minute points to let Gryffindor take the lead. And to do it last minute so everyone can laugh at you. Then again maybe if Snape stopped taking points away from Harry coz he's still jealous of Harry's alpha male bully dad stealing his crush away, we wouldn't have this shit. And that's just at school. I can imagine how bad it would be as an adult. "Oh sorry but Malfoy bribed me just now. So even though you worked your ass off, I'm going to promote that other lazy guy to Senior Auror instead."The ministry of magicWhat the hell is wrong with this place? If you actually bothered to finish the series you probably would probably hate this place. After all it makes North Korea looks one of the freest nations ever.If you're an adult, this is probably the reason you would think the wizard world sucks. This is a dictatorship that has unparalleled control of society that only 1984 could dream of. Almost everything seems to controlled by them.It wouldn't seem so bad if the place wasn't full of assholes and bribery. But we obviously know that isn't the case with people like Umbridge. Did I mention its members are not elected but chosen? Except the top guy who is elected by an "unknown group"The fact that they censored the truth and became typical evil government towards the end shows just how corrupt and authoritarian it is. Also no checks and balance? So basically get on the wrong side of a powerful person there and your life is pretty much finished. I mean they pretty much control all the media so your name is fucked. Oh and they got all their eyes on you including the teleport spot so lets see you try to escape. Maybe its better when good guys are in charge. But they don't live forever and the system is subject to abuse once they are gone. Voldermort may be gone but the lore has taught but he's just one of many problems.Jobs Career options are rather limited. You either work for one of the ministry positions, become a store/barkeeper or a teacher. Kind of bland don't you think?The biggest issue is working in the ministry. We already know how its full of assholes so you bet office politics are  turned up to 11 over there. So if your boss doesn't like you, suck it up. Don't think you can simply move companies and start over either since everything is under the same government. And if your boss is quite powerful, he will make sure even if you change departments, his buddy /everyone will know all the bad stuff about you. Privacy and your rightsRemember when Harry had to answer for using a spell in Muggle Grounds? Magical big brother is always watching you. Not to mention tools like Marauder's map, Invisibility cloaks etc and you have a recipe for privacy abuse. I mentioned Howlers before. Good things phones don't do stuff like that yet. Also your rights? Whats that? The ministry doesn't seem to know. Just look at Harry's Trial. Look how little due process took place. Rules are made up on the go. You're fucked unless you're a Malfoy. Then the trial becomes a formality since they're obviously gonna let you get away with it. And somehow they manage to make death even more painful than muggles. I mean they get some evil being to suck your soul out so you're not even truly dead. I bet this is why you don't want to piss of the top guy in the legal department. Security and defenseBut despite all the government surveillance measure, personal security seems really damn low.For starters all the dark wizards get insta-kill spells and other really painful curses. If you're not one, your choice is much more limited to stunning and defense orientated. Luckily its wand magic and not rubber bullets vs lead bullets, or you would be in a bit of a pickle wouldn't you? Not to mention all the dangerous shit that goes on in Hogwarts every year. And yet it still manages to operate normally. Im guessing they just have a fatality statistic in the annual report and as long as it doesn't exceed the threshold, its all good. Then we got tons of abusable items:Wanna date rape someone? Use the love potion. Wanna perform identify theft? Use the Polyjuice potion.  Wanna live the dream of being those Hentai Teachers? Use a memory charm. That's what Gilderoy did. I mean apart from committing fraud, you bet he used his rep to have his way with all those school girl fans. And yet they couldn't do a thing since they have no memory it ever occurred. ThoughtsAnd there's probably a lot of other reasons why the wizard world probably sucksBut after reading the above again I realize the wizard world is ok if you're an evil bastard who's rich and powerful. So  I change my statement:The Wizard society in Harry potter is rather horrible and people shouldn't be dreaming of living there (unless they are a Malfoy, then its a damn good place to live) ​I mean who cares about lack of progress or social mobility if you're living like a king there right? via /r/unpopularopinion

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