There's something of which I don't know if it's a kink or actually wrong with me.

I told this to three people, more or less explicitly. I don't know if I should shove everything into this one post, or if I should make regular updates with this burner account.First things first, I should tell you what it is that I'm worrying about.I have always been attracted to younger girls. Back when I was their age it was no problem and the minimum age I have been interested in has proportionally increased with my own age.Next you should know that I'm quite good at controlling it in the real world, this is why it might just be a kink but it's hard to tell. Especially because I can't stop jerking to pics of girls who are at least 12 sometimes, but usually they have to be 14 and older. Trust me when I tell you that - even though I can get attracted to girls that age in the real world - I would never harm a minor, because I know that it's really bad. Why do I know this? Because I had two chances to act on this desire and conciously decided against it.Honestly I just want to know if I'm actually a virginophile, or juvenophile, or if it's just a kink. Like I can get off on dicks, guro-hentai and young teens when I'm horny; but I feel bad immediately afterwards and know that I probably shouldn't do it, because I will feel bad about it afterwards.Any ideas? I'm gonna leave it at that for now and come back later...This has just been on my mind for almost 10 years now, so I wanted to hear some feedback, remaining as anonymous as possible.If you have any further questions that could help me get to the bottom of this, feel free to ask! via /r/confessions

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