TIFU by accidentally coming out to (one of my) close friend(s)

Its the day after xmas and my family decided to have an afternoon walk at the local mall. A few hours later, felt a little dizzy and hot and told my parents i feel kinda sleepy.Went home to sleep, sometime later, woke up feeling light headed and sick, but worked myself to eat dinner.While (kinda) eating, my guy chats, talked about how some noisy girls ruined his day at some resto. Then jokes me that he sounds like an incel.This is where it gets fucked up.Now, I wasn't feeling well but i decided to share a link about some father-and-incel relationship (that's probably just bs), which (i hope) would make him cringe.With an android phone, i used a third party reddit app, and my dumbass thought that if i tapped "post url" the link will be automatically copied to clipboard.BUT NO.I sent a gay porn link.TWICE.(Background: the link was last saturday's fap session from a throwaway account, and i haven't been touching my phone since family time and all, so clipboard history was intact. Also you have to tap "send to msngr" after tapping "post url", which I didn't.)So I sent the correct link afterwards.My guy reads the incel shit first, comments that its just some bs leftist propaganda.He then jokes that I watch male pornstars.Woozy-ass me panicked and confessed that I'm bi.He asks if I'm for real.I say yes. . . . . . . . After what seemed like forever, he chats "who's the lucky guy".Proceeds to talk about how impressive how i kept it all in, and tells that who is he to stop me from being me, and how he is okay with it.This is the same guy that beats furiously to weird hentai such as Metamorphoses (look it up haha).So, not all bad i guess?I'm too tired to react but, if you're reading this bruh, you're the best.(In light with such events, I also might come out to a certain group of friends.)Merry xmas to me, i guess.tldr: not feeling well, my guy chats abt his day, sent a link to make him cringe, ONLY to fuck up and instead send a gay porn link (from clipboard history) TWICE. Confesses that he is okay and accepts my orientation. via /r/tifu http://bit.ly/2AjK8kV

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