TIFU by telling my friends i watch hentai.

I'm trying to not be an antisocial loser so im making new friends at school. I don't watch anime but they do. They haven't mentioned it around me at all so I just walked in on them talking about Naruto or something like that.They asked if I like anime and I said sometimes. I tried to think of an anime name I have heard that they probably wouldn't know but I couldn't think of anything. I remembered a Buddhism hotline call where a guy mentioned an anime called Bible black. That's where I fucked up.I told them that's my favorite and one guy is dying of laughter while the rest are confused. They say they haven't heard of it but will check it out later. My friend that was laughing whispered in my ear telling me it was hentai and my brain shut down.As I'm typing one of them is looking up Bible black and I'm trying to think of a way to fix this. Im fucked.TLDR: anime loving friends talking about anime. They ask if I watch anime and I say I watch hentai. via /r/tifu https://ift.tt/2FXYug7

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