To all fortnite players

I don’t give a fuck about ur gay ass 20 kills solo double u little virgin swineEvery kill u get in ur pathetic little virgin game is another dick shoved into ur pathetic virgin mouth u fat retardHonesty I’ve fucking had it with these fucking beta males and their pussy craved assesStop fucking jacking off to fortnite hentai and get off ur sweat stained, greasy disgusting chairs and find yourself a real person to talk to for once u degenerate filthOne more fucking word from this disgusting abomination of 1s and 0s and I swear I will go on a fucking killing spree hitler would be proud ofNo virgin betas would be left on this earth after I’m through with them not even that gay ass elf looking bitch ninjaOh the things I’m gonna do to that little gay man you wouldn’t even want to think aboutFuck fortniteChad out via /r/copypasta

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