Weeb culture is annoying.

SANKEUU [insert name here]-SENPAI!!!! YOUR SO KAWAII AND AOT IS SO AWESOME! ARIGATO FOR THE VIDEOSSS"The above sample is what weeb speech is like. They are overly obsessed to talk like and behave like anime characters.Not only that, but weebs are some of the most atrociously corrosive subcultures in the internet.Not only will they annoy the hell out of you because you state something they disagree, but if you make an error on japanese or wapanese culture, thry will storm you with infinite criticism and even more weebspeech.Lets not forget, things like waifus, otakus, hentai, etc all spawned from weebs. via /r/unpopularopinion https://ift.tt/2FTyylT

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