Week 5 (17th - 23rd)

Monday 17th - Poliwag & PoliwhirlTuesday 18th - PoliwrathWednesday 19th - Abra & KadabraThursday 20th - AlakazamFriday 21st - MachopSaturday 22nd - MachokeSunday 23rd - MachampHi everyone, this week is a mixed emotions week for many in the community, with Christmas on our doorstep and carols in our heads we very sadly say farewell to Hentai Haven. In case you hadn’t heard the website went down this week and the owner put out a final goodbye to the sites fans since it’s debut in 2015. In other Pokémon news this week was filled with psychotic and buff Pokémon so it was certainly interesting. Thursday to Sunday I was in a small apartment with my family which made it very difficult to find time to study ;) This coming week I expect to be on my normal holiday schedule of 2 a day unless something pops up.This weeks Best and WorstBest: Poliwag Worst: MachampThis week was pretty close in terms of content, all of the Pokémon were pretty close to each other, Poliwag shined to me somewhat so it made things easier, Machamp on the other hand(s) was the hardest because he just looks buff and that scared me. Anyway merry Christmas to all hope everyone has a relaxing week!George Bhttps://forum.facepunch.com/sh/buoxu/Hentai-Haven-shuts-down-for-good-closes-all-social-media-accounts/1/ - article about HH shutting down via /r/ultimatepokebattle http://bit.ly/2rQmEPL

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