When I was a weeaboo

Hello, first-time poster here. I've decided today to share my personal story.It was November 2017 or 9th grade, I was going through some personal problems and just happened to discover Doki Doki Literature Club. Fuck. That game ruined me and also got me into anime. At first, I began to joke around with DDLC saying stuff like "Just Monika". Pretty harmless right? Well, I then began to look up hentai of that game. Then I began to focus on actually watching anime. I started to watch K-ON!, Love Live!, and other Slice of Life Animes. I bought every merchandise of these shows that I watched. I also began to learn Japanese which I later gave up on.Around March, I lost the remaining friends I had which lowered my self-esteem. I started to hang out with other weebs. I began to shame my nationality and culture (I'm Hungarian BTW) and claim I was half Japanese. I also fantasized of moving and living in Japan along with having a Japanese girlfriend or wife. Around this time, I preferred Hentai over actual porn. I was lucky enough to visit my grandparents in Budapest this summer which helped me come to my senses and brought an end to my weebness. Around this time I began to research the cons of Japan. (Declining Birth Rates, High Suicide Rates, Karōshi, etc.) and found out it isn't such a good place to live. While visiting Budapest, I became proud of my nationality and began to purse other hobbies instead of anime. When I came back home, I sold all of my anime figures, posters, DVDs. And deleted anything anime related off my phone and computer.Once I started the 10th grade, I managed to regain some of my old friends and make new ones. I also began to talk to girls which i something I never did while in my weeb phase.TL;DR: became a weeb after playing Doki Doki Literature Club. Which led to me pretending to be someone who i wasn't for a while. Finally came to my senses and found other hobbies. via /r/weeabootales http://bit.ly/2EVNLkX

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