20 [F4M] Online - Let's relax together, last night was a doozy.

I can tell you about accidentally posting a horrifically inappropriate photo to my family/friend/coworker Snap, and the resulting panic attack. Or how I got drunk for the first time off absinthe with my mom matching me shot for shot, calling me impolite names when I tried to refuse. Or maybe how once I finally got home, my younger sis stopped by my house and we spent hours smoking weed and watching the Lorax. I can talk about how embarrassingly flirty I got with a male friend all night, how I basically assaulted a guy on Playstation then called someone else just to doze on and off for two hours. You can tell me your own equally as awkward New Years night, as everyone winds up with a good story to share after. This is to everyone who ended 2018 a mess, we can only go up right? Let's tell ourselves that anyway.For specifics, I want to call someone with a strong voice to relax and mumble words with. Flirting is okay if it is comfortable, but that's not exclusively what I want. Just be my age or older, intelligent enough, and put a lil effort into contacting me. I won't call anyone without hearing them in a voice message first. A little hangup of mine.Quick about me: senior at uni, game primarily on PS4, enjoy burying my nose in silly romance novels, mild obsession with hentai, absolutely adore animals, small stoner when it doesn't get in the way of school, chronic brat. If you were to describe yourself in one sentence with far too many commas, what would you write?Regardless of if we chat or not, I wish all the best for this new year, have a peachy one! via /r/r4r http://bit.ly/2AphrmG

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