Backstory to my journey with a question regarding what constitutes as pornographic. Grateful for any advice.

Hello fellow Fapstronauts. It's been a while, but I'm back on my horse, so to speak. Seeking some advice.First some context, my journey started as a young man who abused pornography and himself through the PMO cycle. I was first introduced to this lifestyle by a Catholic speaker at my local high school while I was a student there (I'm not Catholic, but the responses of my peers disgusted me as they joked about crude pornography and he made well researched points). Attempted many times over the years to stop and improved each time I retried.However there was a time period where I grew indulgent and stopped. Used pornography casually and masturbated liberally. Back then I was single and a virgin, so my mindset was that it wasn't important. I recently (last year) moved away from graphic real porn, to hentai, then to non pornographic images and imagination. It wasn't until the last 3 years (college) I became sexually active and then involved in 2 romantic relationships.I digress, the latter relationship; my current one, is one where I am very happy with my partner. I care about her deeply, and this extends to my actions toward her sexually. I have found that, at times, I have made transgressions towards her (sexually). I don't wish to be like this, so the point of my post. Is it still PM if I masturbate to pictures of her clothed (non sexually suggestive e.g. a regular selfie) and recall our intimate times together (performing the whole cycle minimally).On the whole we have a healthy sex life, it is just at times I feel (and from our talks) that I and she both feel that sometimes I do things that she doesn't appreciate.Thank you for your advice, support and opinions. I am worried that if I don't become a better person, I will hurt her and not set a good example for our children in the future. I wasn't sure if here or /r/sex. So please pardon if this question seems unusual or too graphic for the nature of this subreddit. via /r/NoFap

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