empty feeling when i take too much time without porn

i'm addicted to hentai, and i have observed that if i stay 1-2 hours without seeing hentai/porn content i feel that i have nothing to do..i have a nice range of games in here but for some reason i dont have the same urge to have fun playing them as i had some time ago, actually i dont know if it is not seeing porn related.i have so many things in mind to do like exercising or learn an instrument but i dont do it idk why.at the same time, idk if i want to do hentaifree right now or see the rest of content that i have saved on my hd. my mind tells me to see all that i have right now and stop but i feel that after that i'll look for more, but i want more?oh, the text are kinda big. via /r/pornfree http://bit.ly/2C6eZ4v

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