[Friendship][Chat][Relationship] Any or all of the above. Into hentai, Rule 34 and games?

Are you hopelessly in love with a cartoon character, maybe like me you spend to much time reading doujins and eating snacks. Haven't slept for 48h because dammit Netflix is just so addictive? welllll your in luck, I'm that person also so why not message me and we can be freaks together :DBut seriously, I want to make friends with some real people, real as in a person who knows who they are and don't pretend to be anything else, real as in non fictional as well, yeah it'd be best if you were non fictional as well.Bonus points if your from Toronto so I can fantasize about meeting up in RL to destroy you at your favorite fighting game. via /r/MeetPeople http://bit.ly/2R9O6ao

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