''Genshiken'' AND ''Spotted Flower''

So, heard few good reviews about Genshiken and thought i would give it a try for few chapters.​Kasukabe Saki ,a female protagonist who is as normal girl as one can get, is dating a die hard otaku who is member of otaku club, and tries to bring him back to normal life. She loves him and all..Decent, slice of life stuff, you know.NOW, i get to know about its ALTERNATIVE REALITY ''SPOTTED FLOWER'' where same girl, Kasukabe Saki is married to Madarame who was second president of that Otake club. In this story, this girl is pregant with this Madarame's child and whole story revolves about problems arising in having sexual relationship because of pregnancy and the man being an otaku.​It's kinda difficult to describe in words how fuc**d this is. I mean, what the f**k was author thinking ?Original couple was such beautiful and loving one. Both the girl and boy love each other in Genshiken.Guess, author had too many drinks and wanted to create ''Ugly bastard x beautiful girl'' trope hentai.One of the worst spin off EVER.Even if it is alternate reality, it just left such a bad taste in my mouth that i just dropped Genshiken too.I'm sure many others felt same after reading this horrendous work.​ via /r/manga http://bit.ly/2Aqyzse

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