I gain superhuman abilities when I nut.

I gain superhuman abilities when I nut. Whenever I cum, I rise to a level far beyond what you Reddit babies call post nut clarity, which I like to call “post nut ascension”. Whenever a problem strikes, I make my way to the nearest bathroom, tear my pants off, load up some tentacle trap scat hentai, and go to town. As soon as the ejaculate leaves my member, my muscles begin to swell to an abnormal size, granting me the strength to snap a concrete skyscraper in two with a single chop. My mind starts to fill with the answers to all of Earth’s mysteries, and from this I’ve learned that the Jews did indeed fake the moon landing, that vaccines cause autism, and that OJ Simpson was innocent, just to name a few. I’ve even achieved nirvana multiple times in my life through particularly good nuts. The supports of my house have begun to crumble from the sheer weight of all the medals, plaques and trophies I’ve gained through the years. While you Reddit kids were reposting maymays for internet points, I’ve been slicing chicks in half with my 2 foot long cock, outsped Usain Bolt in a single stride, and earned the Nobel Peace Prize for rebuilding the Twin Towers with my bare hands. I am the ultimate human, and no one can say otherwise. via /r/teenagers http://bit.ly/2QrzePt

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