I secksed ur mom

I stared at my classmate dead in the eye angry and fuming at him. He declared outloud to my classmates that i was gay...How dare he??? I was fuming and angry. “Ill secsed your mom” i screamed at the top of my lung. everyone in the class laughed, “you couldnt touch my mom ugly ass kid” the kid infront of me said. I went home that day crying angry tears. The next day i saw the kids mom, she was pretty thick. Curves like a goddess and voluptuous tits. I went up to her and told her i was her sons best friend. We talked for a while and i asked if i could come over, she said said. The next day i saw her again, i asked her what time should i come over? she said “10:02 am saturday” i agreed and left. The next day it was saturday, i left the house saying bye to my mother and went to the bullies house. I knocked on the door and the mom was there. “hey” i said, “hey” she replied back, looking down shy. I could tell where this was going, i watched enough anime hentai to know this could only end two ways. Im getting murdered or im gonna secks this kids mother. Where is my friend? i asked her she said he was gone. No one was in the house it turned out. She offered my some food we chatted and started watching tv. The back yardigans was on, it was an interesting episode. The episode based on pirates with shiny red boots in it. After the episode she offered me some food, i ate it. It was almost 4 pm i rejoiced knowing soon i would be able to have the secks with her. “kid?” she said, i looked over and she was walking up the stairs wagging her finger at me, I smiled widely and ran upstairs. Lets just say...what i did was not a very holly thing to do. The next day i woke up happy i had taken some pictures of the deed and was gonna show the bully. The next day it was monday, i was so happy. i had printed out the pictures and was planning on getting to school early and putting it all over the school. I got my mom to drive me to the school early and plastered the pics of the naked bullys mom all over. I sat waiting for the bully. All the children in the school came in a group around the bully. They were talking about something and laughing. They were laughing until they saw the school and the bullies mom. “hey isnt that your mom??” one of the bullies friends said. the bully looked up and stared in shock and embarrassment as all the kids started laughing. The bully turned around crying and ran onto the street suddenly a car came from no where and hit his body. His dead body was flung back onto school grounds. I walked up to it stared him dead in the eye kicked his dead body and said “i secksed your mom “ via /r/copypasta http://bit.ly/2LL0Uhd

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