I'm glas this sub exists.

I'm not specificly addicted to hentai, but I am addicted to porn. However I aprecciate the fact this sub exists where people help each other to recover from hentai addiction. I always try to not get 100% into hentai (I've MO'd to it in multiple ocations due to its animation where all girls are incredibly kawaii looking and it is really hot for me), because of that, it is really sexy and I'm not saying that's something bad, but it can make you have this really alterated fantasies and it can desentizise you from irl porn. So yeah thank you all for making this sub possible, it's a bit sad it is not that active as r/pornfree for example, but I think it is still great via /r/HentaiFree http://bit.ly/2AoLVoO

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